Tik Tok Pranks That Went Too Far

Published 2021-03-31

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  • Haleema Rahman
    Who else just randomly started watching her and now it’s just an every day thing
  • isabel franco
    Can we all appreciate that sssniperwolf calls us Friends ❤️💕❤️
  • Wynne Costello
    Let’s just be thankful for lia because she entertains us ,she will never fail to not be funny.
  • Complex tumbler
    Most YouTubers cannot actually make me do this but SSSniperwolf actually makes me laugh so hard that I fell out of my bed…
  • An_ Drei
    “Imagine losing your virginity to a stool” -Sssniperwolf 2021
  • Fawxiee
    Let’s appreciate how hard Lia works to post daily and give us the content we love.
  • who else found SSSniperWolf and binge watches her daily? she doesn't know this, but she's made so many peoples quarantine so much better!
  • Princess Nene
    Does anyone else watch her for 2 hours a day or is it just me?
  • Kiarrah
    can we just take a minute to appreciate that Lia posts everday
  • Sssniperwolf: "Since it's April Fool's Day today."

    March 31st: Am I a joke to you?
  • Maariya Sabeel
    I officially can't watch videos without a reaction from sssniperwolf. She just makes everything 10 times more funnier
  • TheAwesomeShow
    Can we just say how nice it is that she takes time out of her own day to make these vids
  • Ernest Pillay
    Can we just take a moment to appreciate that she is making everyone's year way more better
  • Kaylee Truax
    I love how in every single video she starts with "hello friends, Its me'' can anyone relate???
  • Melanie Bower
    Who else has been noticing how much lia has been letting the swear word slip lmfao
  • Lisa Medina
    Who else just randomly started watching her videos, and now is just an everyday thing?