"She did 68 accents!" Free Guy's Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer on singing, Marmite and Taika Waititi

Published 2021-08-10
Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer talk to BBC Radio 1's film critic Ali Plumb about new movie Free Guy. They reveal their favourite movie cliches and tell us what it's like to have scenes stolen by videogame streamers like Jacksepticeye. Plus, Ryan starts the rumour that Jodie is actually Canadian. And, spoiler alert: Deadpool 3 is going to be a musical!

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All Comments (21)
  • Wrathlon
    Can we appreciate that Ryan Reynolds literally spent the entire interview hyping up Jodie Comer.

    What a legend <3
  • Perry 714
    The fact she’s from Liverpool and can do all those accents says a lot about her as an actor, that’s a strong accent not to come through and she does it perfectly.

    Edit: geez over 5000 likes
  • Jeremy C
    I love how Ryan uplifts his coworkers and has gratitude and humility. Class act.
  • N8 Cabbage
    She makes such a loveable little psychopath on Killing Eve. I love how she plays Villanelle. I haven't seen her in anything else, but I hope to see her on a lot more.
  • Maddy
    Jodi does so many accents that she can’t even do her own anymore 🙈😂
  • nicosogrecos
    Jodie is probably the greatest modern day actress I have seen. Her role in Killing Eve was off the charts in acting, you actually believe she is the strange minded ruthless killer with a strange soft spot to connect with Eve. The program was a bit off the wall, but her and Fiona Shaw made it well worth watching. Jodie will go on to greater things that is for sure, Oh I am a fellow scouser so I am a bit biased.
  • Dale Verzosa
    Ali's interviews are the best. He makes them comfortable like they're just friends having a fun conversation. 😊
  • Mari Fazekas
    I just know Ryan is somehow gonna work “don’t you die on me goddammit” into one of the next Deadpool movies 😂
  • vbddfy euuyt
    "I only drink out of vessels that are affected by the tide." How did he come up with that so quick? He's quickly becoming my favorite funny person after Robin Williams.
  • Jack Reynolds
    Honestly I think she’s the best actor at accents
  • Richard Ikin
    Jodie Comer is breathtakingly beautiful and immensely talented. She's literally perfect.
  • Kathy Rose
    Jodie will always be Chloe from 'My Mad Fat Diary' to me. She does such a brilliant performance, she makes you hate character her and then understand her. It's one of the best character arcs and shows ever and her performance is one of the many reasons why.
  • Grant Kanigan
    I’d love to see Ryan Reynolds do live improv, he’s naturally hilarious.
  • M A
    Seeing Jodie Comer finally in the big screens, after being so underrated and playing really brilliant characters on Brit telly shows is bittersweet. Like, it took Killing Eve to be produced, before Hollywood noticed this stellar actress 🥺❤️✨
  • Hellen Sharon
    Jodie doesn't get enough credit she did soo many accents in killing eve it's crazyyyy. She's soo talented
  • Isa Mutlib
    Jodie Comer is the most underrated actress.
  • Adam Bruhn
    The fact that she can overcome a LIVERPOOL accent, of all accents, to do what she does is incredible.
  • Claude Baron
    About Jodie it’s so true that I had absolutely no ideas who she was, but in Killing Eve she just appeared out from no where, and only after a few seconds I think absolutely everybody was in loved with her, sensational talents, someone who able to switch from a sadistic killer to a sweet angle in a ten of a second got to have a lots of talents. Wonderful combination of Ryan and Jodie. 😍😍😍👍