Most Expensive Fails!

Published 2023-03-17

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  • Stuff can cost up to billions but Jimmy and Chris's friendship is priceless.
  • Kevin Hanks
    It's oddly entertaining to see Jimmy react to his videos 😂😂
  • There's nothing better than a fresh friendly baked Jimmy videos and he always makes our day or night even better keep it up
  • Kelly trlee
    It hurts me even just looking at all that damage for the most expensive things
  • Jimmy, you were probably joking about that helicopter. But, if you weren’t, there are some really cool RC planes out there that you might want to try out. I recommend getting a carbon cub or aeroScout. There really fun and you should definitely try them!
  • The fact that Jimmy says can someone buy me that’s so cheap ($1,000) lol
  • Wolf Kind
    Jimmy never fails to impress. Love the videos and always look forward to seeing the next one. Keep them coming!
  • Abba Farming
    Everytime I hear Jimmy I get a smile on my face🙂
  • Chris’s accent makes my day every time 😊
    Much love from Australia 🇦🇺
  • grandma 🅥
    Your so inspiring and I’m so thankful that you made this channel. You helped me come out of my comfort zone thank you
  • Oğuzhan Emre
    Thanks for making our days better guys. I really enjoy the vids :)
  • Justin Lewis
    Chris reacting to the jet was the funniest thing I’ve seen all week!
  • accidentally breaking my parent's mug seems uncomparable now smh 🤣
  • As a person who loads semi trailer's for UPS, I can confirm that is in fact what we do with your packages!
  • cryingroot
    Chris so smart he literally knows everything