I tried to bowl two perfect games in a row (in wii bowling)

Published 2022-11-22

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  • @drewisgooden
    eddy ninepins is such a mean and hateful name 😕 they should be calling you eddy one hundred and nineteen pins because you’re always one short of a perfect game.
  • @GordyAnson
    I’m enjoying the fact that Eddy having a crisis of faith in a public bathroom is a common element in his videos.
  • @AntiVectorTV
    Eddy forgot to film the part where he went to check on the $10 bills he left, only to discover $9 bills in their place.
  • @Majezfeld18
    So who's going to tell Eddy that a perfect series in bowling consists of 3 perfect games in a row?
  • @capt_hapa
    the progression of rainforest cafe, morbius, and wii bowling is really incredible. i can only imagine what the next step will be
  • @PunkyVal
    Oh Eddy… my grandma used to play Wii sports every single night til 4am, and every night I would witness my grandma doing perfect games… over and over for hours. Her technique was pretty interesting; she would never move her character, and before throwing the ball, she would "fake it" half a dozen times before throwing. I would try it and sometimes it would work, but for her, it was natural. Then one day, she fell in the tub, broke 3 ribs and never played again 😢 I wish I filmed proof of her play because it was so impressive. She passed away a year and a half ago and I know if she was alive right now, I would have asked her to play Switch Sports with me and I guarantee you that she would keep her perfect score. Miss you grandma. Also Eddy Ninepins, keep practicing
  • @NakeyJakey
    Eddy burback??? From…high school?? Mustache?? Big dumpy??? Oh yeah dude I married him 5 years strong 💍
  • @hywodena
    My grandma was a bowler when she was in her 20's. She was damn good at it.

    At age 80 she was too feeble for that. She hadn't gone bowling in years. We got her a Wii. She was so happy she started a Wii bowling team at her retirement center.

    Edit: for those who care, she was in a retirement home because she needed the 24/7 care. She was NOT neglected. My mother visited her EVERY SINGLE DAY. She had a better life there than she ever would have had at our house. She has a flourishing social life there. If she stayed with our family she would have been lonely with just us for company because she was an extreme extrovert, and in the later days we wouldn't have been able to care for her due to her medical issues.

    The stigma around retirement homes is unreal. I understand that there are some people who completely forget about their elders when they're put in a retirement home, but that does not mean EVERYONE in a retirement home was abandoned there. It provides a COMMUNITY. These people often don't have the energy to leave their houses if they lived on their own, so the fact that they live in a community allows them to remain social and active in a way they wouldnt be able to otherwise, as is clearly demonstrated by her creating a bowling team. You really think she could have done that if she lived in our house? No.
  • @trueMAXIMUS
    “nobody call me eddie 9-pins or i’ll freak the fuck out” was so gd funny i nearly choked
  • @Apollo_Agni
    The real reason Eddy kept not getting strikes is because he wasn't wearing the Wii wriststrap! Safety is important Mr Nine Pins
  • The most tragic thing is your mentor's strike record is 68 in a row. He was so close to greatness.
  • i love how eddy keeps torturing himself over the most mundane things. he’s a shell of the man he once was and it’s all because of rainforest cafe, morbius, and wii bowling
  • @BenneLuke
    Eddie holding up the controller, thinking for a second, and then putting his other hand on his hip is so hilarious to me...
  • @nish5799
    As a Staples employee the most impressive part of the video is Eddy knowing how to use the self-serve printer
  • I love how Eddy keeps going absolutely liminal in public bathrooms. Having to pee is Eddy's Achillies heel.
  • @therachellynnedits
    eddy ninepins face when he realizes he is still livestreaming has me cackling like a gd witch over here! love the vids eddy nine pins, ty for the entertainment!!
  • I like that all of Eddy's videos now are just him doing something to slowly drive himself insane. We're watch a man gradually descend into madness each time he uploads.
  • @MattColbo
    Never has someone's Mii been a more accurate representation of themselves I am aghast
  • @matteverard7665
    it would be absolutely insane to bowl with four players using one remote to achieve four perfect games simultaneously