I tried to bowl two perfect games in a row (in wii bowling)

Published 2022-11-22

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  • @drewisgooden
    eddy ninepins is such a mean and hateful name 😕 they should be calling you eddy one hundred and nineteen pins because you’re always one short of a perfect game.
  • @BigOlBoy
    Hearing Eddy and Chrisie scream "WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE I AM" in unison is the kind of relationship I hope to one day achieve
  • @SuchNick
    You should take 'Eddy Nine Pins' as a compliment, the amount of times in a row you can get only 9 pins in bowling is almost impressive
  • More than anything, I’m just happy to know Eddy and Ted are still friends after the Rainforest Cafe Incident of 2022.
  • @capt_hapa9514
    the progression of rainforest cafe, morbius, and wii bowling is really incredible. i can only imagine what the next step will be
  • @BlueMage
    I think you're at least a B list Youtuber, Eddy. You're a fun guy. A fungi. You're growing.
  • i love how eddy keeps torturing himself over the most mundane things. he’s a shell of the man he once was and it’s all because of rainforest cafe, morbius, and wii bowling
  • the amount of times eddy has been inspired by wall decor in a public bathroom has increased
  • The second hand embarrassment I feel seeing Eddy being perceived when he thinks he’s not being perceived
  • I remember exactly how I got my wii. I was about eight years old in an arcade with my dad and we both tried to win the wii from the stacker machine. We both got close but I had to leave. But the in the middle of the night my dad woke me up and said he had a surprise. He then showed me the wii that we were trying to get that day. He actually went back and won for me. That was probably the happiest moment in my life.
  • @BenneLuke
    Eddie holding up the controller, thinking for a second, and then putting his other hand on his hip is so hilarious to me...
  • @MattColbo
    Never has someone's Mii been a more accurate representation of themselves I am aghast
  • Eddy 9 pins is an absolute god. Anyone can get 12 strikes but it takes pureskill to only get 299
  • This is the greatest story arc of all time, the way Eddy 9 Pins slowly trained and worked toward his ultimate goal. At the end of the video, he truly became Eddy Strikeback.
  • @MrBaconskinny
    After Eddy's last two videos it seems he gets a lot of inspiration during difficult times from the characters he finds on bathroom walls
  • I like that all of Eddy's videos now are just him doing something to slowly drive himself insane. We're watch a man gradually descend into madness each time he uploads.
  • @hammy5746
    What a year this guy had:
    -Played Wii Bowling
    -Went to every Rainforest Cafe
    -Wii Bowling
  • @NakeyJakey
    Eddy burback??? From…high school?? Mustache?? Big dumpy??? Oh yeah dude I married him 5 years strong 💍
  • I'm not gonna lie Eddy, I really needed this upload; My Dad told me it was impossible to get 2 perfect games and that no one could ever do it. I've spent the last 12 years trying to prove that it's possible but he kicked me out until I could. Thank you Eddy, now I can go home for Thanksgiving and show him this video. It is possible to get two perfect games in a row.