Most Controversial Rifle of 2022???

Published 2022-08-11

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  • Angel Arms
    The comment at 1:32 about the pin and weld is wrong, my bad guys
  • Stephen Berry
    Congrats on the DD. I considered that same model but went with the SOLGW M4-M89 and very glad I did. DD makes a great weapon but as Garand Thumb says, their over gassed. Many good choices in AR’s and DD is certainly one of them.
  • bluzzjazz
    What did you not agree with? The people committing the shootings are the ones responsible, not the tool they chose to use. One thing is certain, if law-abiding citizens do not have arms, then only criminals will and then we are at their mercy. I don't like that scenario.
  • Nismo Guy2003
    The Geissele trigger on the V& PRO has a shorter reset -allowing you to shoot faster. The PRO was set up more as a competition rifle- for most., the standard mil spec trigger is probably fine.
  • Tar Heel Realist
    As far as I can tell the V7 is just a V5, which I own, with M-LOK...having the M4A1 and V1 DDs, the V5 (mid-length) goes to the range more often.

    Edit: Solid review too...
  • CB1942EO
    I put together for my dad a few years ago a Aero lower with Aero LPK minus trigger. Giessele SSA trigger and DD grip and stock. Upper is DDM4V7. Its a excellent rifle. Saves a bit using the aero lower. Im working on right now a DDM4A1 Socom Block 2 "clone" have most the parts except the trigger and wanting to swap out my war comp 3p to a closed tine flash hider to pin and weld. I know Daniel Defense has said some controversial things in the past regarding the right of the people to own any gun. And after the uvalde fiasco where LE and the justice system once again dropped the ball big time. But they back tracked. DD makes excellent barrels and handguards
  • Frank Wood
    One thing your right about is many ar15’s do the same darn thing. Their either a gas gun or a gas piston period.
  • D.J. Boudakh
    where'd you get the FDE DD stock at? I only see the milspec brown, and yours looks much brighter in comparison
  • rifles_up
    Why would you pin and weld the muzzle device on a 16 inch gun?
  • Interesting that you say “don’t get a shit optic “ but that’s exactly what you did. By your choice of accessories on the rifle amazon stock vortex crossfire scope is obvious that the rifle was a purchase that had to save money to get.. so why not just save a little longer and a quality scope that compliments the rifle’s quality built? That being said congratulations you made a great choice that DD will serve you well for a lifetime
  • BionaryDeath
    I have 3 DD rifles currently all good shit👍
  • Account
    My son bought one of these shortly after Uvalde, his anti-gun neighbors were horrified.
    Where’s your white light?
  • Nawaz Boss
    Hello sir, I really like AR-15 full auto Rifle. I want to buy. How much price with his all accessories and how to purchase it ? Tell me sir
  • Robert De Pesci
    Charging handle sucks. Trigger is mediocre. 14.5 barrel p/w with proprietary device. Too expensive out of box considering the letdowns.
  • Raymond
    Cringe asf video made me thro up