World's Weirdest Item | OT 26

Published 2021-04-19
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All Comments (21)
  • @currymuncha5682
    The way all the dudes rushed and celebrated to garret's egg thing was amazing and beautiful
  • That reaction from the rest of the dudes for Garrett’s egg drop success is awesome. No one cares that they didn’t win.
  • Just watching Cory, Coby, Tyler, Cody, and Sparky run towards Garrett's egg catcher thingy and Tyler screaming: IT'S ALIVE!!!! just made my day.
  • @hanachung1018
    I love how supportive they are to each other no matter who wins
  • Can we just say the DP editors absolutely nailed the bucket list trailer!
  • @redzonecj3290
    Let’s hope Coby doesn’t find a third item from the same company that made peace in a box
  • @jamesbelin2381
    I loved how they all celebrated Garrett's successful egg drop so enthusiastically. Love you guys!
  • @Suarez870
    20:19 Garrett ,Tyler ,Cody and Cory dancing was hilarious 😂
  • @izaiahtheplaya
    Bro. The editing on Garrett’s egg landing and the dudes running over to realize it wasn’t cracked. EPIC! It had emotion behind it.
  • @quishy_9186
    Nothing is better than seeing dude perfect posted an OT on a Monday.
  • @Coldduck1988
    Anyone else look back and be amazed at how far this series has come and I am very excited for the future
  • @sr.supreme5808
    Haven’t watched dude perfect in like 2 years and I’m glad to see that they’re still making videos together and are still very popular
  • I love how great the quality of the film was. It’s amazing how much these guys have improved and always try to they never stick with the same stuff all the time
  • @FlameFoxen
    To the future audience, you likely won’t know how amazing these dudes were growing up. You’ll never experience the OG DP and coming home from school to watch OT 5 for the first time.
  • @Wrath15___
    To the person watching this 10 years from now: these guys were our childhood
  • @prajvalg7183
    Cory : we did a mistake. It's too high
    Garry:I asked the pilot to go 200 feet
  • @annadavis740
    I love overtime’s more than anything, and something I want to see in a video is Taste test, top 10, smelling bee, and wheel. Like that would be AWESOME