RADIATORS EXPLAINED How to fix balance bleed panel radiator How radiators work flow & return valves

Published 2020-04-07
Hi Everyone. Another video from How2D2 this time I'm explaining how domestic radiators work , what to do if they don't work properly or stay cold. Couple of solutions that you can do yourself.
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  • Reizermo
    To be honest, I feel better informed of how my heating works than I ever have. That was extremely helpful and well explained. Thanks a lot!!
  • Marties888
    I have watched a few videos explaining the same situations and this for me is the clearest and most straight forward. Well done and keep up the good work👍🏼
  • Max Eisert
    One important tip I missed in this video is that if a radiator stays cold it could be due to the Thermostatic valve being stuck. This mostly happens on radiators that are not used very often or were not used for a long time. Just remove the thermostatic knob like shown on 1:26 and use some (penetrating) oil on the valve while pulling/pushing the valve in & out with a plier. After this, screw the thermostatic knob back on the valve like show on 1:34. Simple and only takes a few minutes.
  • Iain Macdonald
    8 min and learned more than every other heating video on YT! Great stuff!
  • Hoss Phoenix
    No theatrical displays of silly quips - Just plain and simple explanation with diagrams. I learned a great deal. Great job and thank you.
  • Simon Allan
    Incredibly helpful video and diagrams are excellent. As others have said, learned more in a few minutes here than several hours of other videos on YouTube. Spot on
  • verygoodbrother
    It's recommended to disconnect the filling loop hose because you could have a passing/leaking valve that could continually fill your boiler. Disconnecting the loop will help you spot any leaks.
  • stonenpebble
    An excellent way of explaining how they work. The part about the balancing is what I think is wrong with mine. I’ve replaced the radiators one by one since moving in and some of the new ones no longer heat up. I’ve opened all the lock shield valves fully thinking it will increase the flow of water but that’s where I’ve gone wrong. Next thing is to balance them and increase the water flow to the ones furthest away from the boiler. Thank you for making this video 👍🏻👍🏻
  • Simple, clear instructions. I’m off to sort my radiators. Thank you!
  • Rafal Otreba
    Dziekuje, swietne, merytoryczne wyjasnienie🤝🙂
    this is the most straight forward video on heating ive seen to date, easy straight forward instructions.. top man
  • Ethan Gallup
    Been looking for an anomation of a boiler for a while and you guys did a great job!! Thank you!!!
  • L.E. Robbo
    Very clear video, thank you. My new home has floor heating on ground floor (where the thermostat is also installed), keeping the temperature very steady. First and second floor however are radiators, 4 pieces in total, 2 of which remain more or less luke warm, never more. Also, the other 2 are cold at the bottom which tells me the temperature drop (delta T) is too great for the boiler to sit in its HR range. Where do I begin correcting this?
  • Dasenka M
    This is the most helpful and straight forward guidance on the central heating issues. Thank you very much!!!
  • Mark Andrews
    Another excellent video mate I have the same problem with our radiators your explanation and illustration was spot on keep the videos coming and thanks for sharing 👍
  • El Che
    Amazing video. Well explained and with graphics. Lots of times spent to make it perfect. Thank you for giving your time to all of us.
  • Umar21
    What a fantastic video. Really well explained and great use of animations. Fantastic.
  • Hassan Zarbal
    Consistent video full of useful informations and less rubbish talk! Well done 👍
  • Yoyo Kwok
    Fantastic video, very clear and understandable 👍