Learn Why You Don't Need To Fear Your Future with Rick Warren

Published 2017-06-05
saddleback.com/goodness — We all worry about the future. But the Bible tells us that God is our Good Shepherd, caring for us in every detail of our lives. In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren shares 3 reasons you don’t need to be anxious about the future. You’ll learn how to live fully and fearlessly, no matter what life throws your way.

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  • Cherry Lerio
    When I tend to get worried, I'd always remember what Paul said in Philippians 4:6-7 Don't worry about anything, but pray....The future is uncertain but God knows what the future holds for us. I am so blessed to have listened to your preaching Pastor Rick!!
  • Raechelyn Dawn
    No offense because this is a compliment but I listen to you right before I sleep. You calm my mind and I fall asleep every time. ❤️ Thank you for such great messages!
  • Hunter Byrne
    These sermons are life changing, I am going though a period of trouble and growth, I will thank God. Thankyou from Sydney Australia.
  • Lucy Amukowa
    Iam very grateful to this message,it's an opener in my life,having lost my mother at birth grown up in a very harsh environment,many scars all-over me and in me,now I can testify of his goodness and mercy!!! hallelujah!!now helping street children and seeing their lives change, running an organization called RUSH (Reaching Unreached Self Help). God bless you man of God 🙏
  • Uri Comendador
    I am a survivor of clinical depression. I have been trained/educated as a mental health professional. Please pray for me that God will use me to help those who are suffering from mental illness and psychological problems. I am praying for opportunities that allow me to use my gifts and my knowledge to make a difference in the lives of others.
  • Your sermons are part of my breakfast every morning. God bless you! Thank you for sharing
    Watching from Toronto - Canada
  • Vahid Norouzi
    From Iran listening to your message! My wife and I are so blessed by your message. We love you and The Lord Jesus bless you. ❤
  • sneha pandit
    Good God.. I was so much in fear for my future as my chest started paining..
    Thank God he made me to see this video.. now I am feeling truly free and not worrying about my future lord is my shepherd and yes feeling gratitude, be generous is what God wants us to do .. amen..

    M saying to all the people who are going under depression, anxiety and worried.. plz plz plz listen this video..
    You will come to know the Truth..
  • Lasting Impact
    I struggle with anxiety, it tortures me. I'm slowly getting out of it, but it's hard! so people who don't struggle with anxiety, don't fear, trust God with all your heart and lean not on what you understand!!!
  • mariah b
    I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression right after my dad passed away 10 months ago. I can not express how much these services mean to me. Rick warren always goes in Depth with explaining how deep God's Love is for us. Gods love is never ending and Rick warren could not explain it any better! And to not doubt or stress why things happen in life. They are always for the good, as long as you keep your faith strong. Thank you Rick Warren for speaking the word of God and making a positive impact on millions of people!
    This single sermon changed the path of my life in ways words cannot describe. Thank you Pastor Rick🙏
  • Alemla Pongen
    Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me. Pray for me everyone I am going through a pain in my life. Amen
  • The Chef Wifey
    I am asking myself m0st often about my future because I felt like Im a useless and failed but thanks to this message my spirit lift up again..Thank U God for using Pastor Rick Warren!
  • Stacey Gantt
    Thank God for online ministry; I get to hear it and see the messenger. Even though I'm not physically there, the message comes across powerfully and I can feel it!!
  • Yazmin
    I asked God to help me get closer and learn the word of God, Pastor Rick Warren has helped me understand and be fear-less trough the word of Father God. Thank you Pastor Rick Warren!
  • Donna Freeman
    This message is really a blessing and encouragement! Reminded me of the goodness, mercy and faithfulness of God.
  • Bao Chang
    Please pray for my Family my children need to be save.
  • Mada M
  • Thank 🙏🏽 so much I actually came across this during my BBQ and I watched it but so much was going on something in me said you need to rewatch this sermon at a different time. So I end up waking up at midnight when it was very quiet and God told me to go back to it and since it was so quiet I dissected this word. A lot of those I been going through you basically had in this message. I wrote down all the scriptures and advice you were given and examples so it took me I say 2 hours atleast to get through this message. There was times where I was in tears . I am saved and I finally started to understand the word a lot better but I ask God to really speak to me where I know it's you. I been called since I was teen in out of church and I finally got saved and baptized at 23. Went to church but that was going to do it so I was in and out of Gods will because I knew about him but I didn't have my own personal relationship which I'm working on now because he said it's time to get serious no more straddling the fence it took me 10 to 15 years to get it now that I'm 37. You have been a real blessing because you teach the word u don't just preach a sermon getting people to be emotional and leave the same. God bless.