Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach: RUIN - Part 3

Published 2023-07-28

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  • @roseschmidt9050
    I'm glad that every character in this so far have had their moments of legitimately scaring Mark, EXCEPT for monty, whose been making him laugh the whole time
  • @toasterbunnie295
    i love how this dlc implies roxy doesn’t hate kids, just gregory. she says his name with such disdain but when she talks to cassie she’s very sweet. it’s hilarious to think that she just especially hates this one random kid
  • @chris6549
    I like to think that everytime mark yells “chica” in a fnaf game somewhere in his house his dog who is probably just lounging around somewhere on a couch or something just perks her head up in confusion
  • @hpfan1516
    Me: freaking out because I am not a fan of things in opaque water "Goddammit Mark!"
    Mark: right on cue "I'M SORRY!!!"
  • @sakmidiquegayson
    I love how hes way more concerned with the floor signs looking away from him than the multiple murder robots after him
  • the fact mark jumped in the water when monty was lurking in it and started screaming ''BA-NA-NA WEIGH WEIGH WEIGH'' still makes me laugh while re watching it
  • @jack229111
    I really like the fact that Chica still sounds like screeching and gibberish because she lost her voice box but if you go into AR mode it deciphers what she says back into her normal voice
  • @Cheeseable69
    You know Mark is actually scared when he involuntarily screams BA NA NA
  • @tori5509
    i love how everyone just ends up walking thru the water during that last monty level😭 and the way that monty never catches up but the music escalates so intensely is hilarious
  • @galaxia_6960
    Is it just me or the more Mark shut downs a Caution robot, the clearer it speaks: from gibberish children screams to warning you to get out.
  • @sajalsinghal8514
    I love how Mark just literally manifested Chica to come through that door, just not in the way he intended.
  • @cynthiayoung176
    This feels like Mark is walking through a haunted house/escape room rather than playing a FNAF game 😂
  • @thelazygamer2195
    Mark being unable to take Monty seriously is my new favorite thing.
  • @GRO0VEtheBUN
    Watching Markplier playing FNAF is a hobby of mine while I look for food in my fridge
  • @kikouri
    mark laughing at monty in the water and then panic flailing every time he falls in is just excellent
  • @peppyluscious
    34:01 just when Mark thought Monty's animations couldn't get any more funny, they have him wading through shallow water with his goofy ahh red mohawk poking out 😂
  • @aceofjacks7071
    this game kinda feels like it's on the brink of being scary, or at least unnerving, but it's just really overwhelming tbh.
  • @fatbluebird
    I like that Gregory never gives hints when mark actually needs them😂
  • @Just_Some_Gal
    Love it when Mark tries to interact with these animatronics and have a normal conversation while they're trying to kill him
  • 43:22
    From what I've seen so far, I think a lot of things are different, like those Fizzyfaz machines, to Roxy looking fixed, I think not only does it show you things you should see, but it also shows you what you wanna see (you, referring to Cassie, since her favourite animatronic is Roxanne, we see her "repaired", and we see her in places like the Fizzyfaz machine, and Roxy with Cassie, like on the cardboard cutouts)