LEGO Mechanical Press with METAL GEARS!!

Published 2023-01-29

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    You absolutely crushed this video!
  • ShulkPlayer101
    Awesome! I’m so glad this came up in a playlist, your videos are always awesome! Also, it’s really satisfying watching the press slowly destroy stuff
  • KomodoDargon54
    Riley is the most unpredictable lego builder ive ever seen. His crazy and wacky creations always seem to amaze me. Keep up the good work!
  • Brick Machines
    Awesome build as always! You're cranking out these videos like crazy right now! 👍 Keep up the amazing work 🙂
  • Nonna_SoF
    I wonder how much better it would work with non-driven guiding gears to stop it going sideways.
  • bumpkenboi
    Amazing video. It was very entertaining seeing different methods to do things. The squashed food was a nice little treat to. Having worm gears probably would have worked better. They give more torque. I also noticed that it tilts sideways when under load due to lack of support for the ram. If you put rollers on the top and bottom that slide down tracks. Maybe for v3
  • Pigeon
    This man actually spent almost 10 hours just building this thing. The commitment is insane
  • DanBloxx
    Hey Buddy if you see this dont ignore! ❤
    On the next press add gears along the sides because as i see its strong enough but it goes to the side
    and could over squishing harder objects wear down and break.
    EXAMPLE: 11:06 the crusher loses momentum and slides to the right due to no side support
    You could also add little rails or anything to keep it one big punch 😊
  • Brick Bros
    Dude, you always seem to crush it! Epic as always!
  • Mr. Pengin
    Love this! Your studio is so cool, have you even done a workshop tour?
  • Cow Studios
    Yo I recently found your channel and I love everything you do. It's unique and original. Keep up the good work
  • Cool Beans
    What do you do with your projects after it's done? Do you disassemble them or store them somewhere?
  • Elitherich
    This Was amazing! Thanks for all the amazing content!
  • The Lego Stud
    “To sturdify things” lol 😆. The metal, Lego compatible parts are awesome!
  • Pretty good contraption! You should try adding more torque to it might crush it better.
  • xFergie PG3D
    Can we all just appreciate how much effort he puts in his video, clipping it together and make it satisfying when he builds❤
  • OogaBooga
    These videos are always so cool and I love watching them. They bring a smile to a face every day,
  • Moony
    Awesome video! I always enjoy watching your videos! Thanks for making my day better!
  • Seth .L
    0:51 the man has so much commitment to his channel he risked this for us. What legend