The Power of Short Prayers | Pastor Jentezen Franklin

Published 2022-07-10
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All Comments (21)
  • Adam Mieke
    $32,000 weekly profit Our lord Jesus have lifted up my Life!!!
  • Bryan G
    I remember back in 2009, I was really struggling with homelessness and my salvation. My friend had told me about City of Refuge Church in San Antonio, TX where I was living. He told me that they give everyone a prophetic word the first time you visit. The night before I went to check them out, I hit rock bottom, and started crying out to God in prayer. It was a very short prayer..... I said "Father, please let this be a test! Please take me to the next level! In Jesus name!", and I cried myself to sleep. The next night was the church's Wednesday night Bible study, and I went to check them out. Pastor Sherry Gunkle took immediate interest in me, and welcomed me. After praise and worship, she had me stand up, and they handed me a mic. She said "Sir, I have a word for you. The Lord wants me to tell you that He is very pleased with you. He keeps saying that He's very pleased with you. And He wants me to tell you that you've passed the test, and He's taking you to the next level, but to remember that with new levels come new devils." And then she said "How was that?" And all I could say was "It's really hot in here...." And the congregation just started laughing. The Holy Spirit spoke directly through Pastor Sherry, and gave me a literal word for word answer to my prayer that night! BLOWN AWAY!!!! I will NEVER forget that lesson!!! Thank you for your faithfulness, Pastor Sherry! And thank You for loving me, Abba! Less than a week after that, I met the woman of God I would marry, and we now have three daughters together. Jesus has blessed me far and above anything that I ever deserved!!!!
    Once again, I'm asking, Abba..... Please let this be a test! Please take me and my house to the next level! In Jesus name! Thank You, Almighty God of Heaven and Earth! I trust You, Lord! I can't see the answer, but I'll do it by faith.....
  • You are free
    What a powerful word you have to watch it till the end. I just sobbed didnt even know how much I needed that cleansing cry. Thank you Jesus for using your servant in such a powerful word and song🙌🏻
  • Nozipho Masakona
    Thank you Lord for this message I believe my short prayer has been answered my mother is healed of cancer there is no trace of it in Jesus Name!She is restored to good health by the blood of Jesus and more years added!
  • When my sister was hospitalized for 2 years I, requested this pastor to pray for my sister through Instagram and I was not sure whether he will get my message or not and with the mercy of God ,he replied "Your sister will be well soon " indeed my sister got well .May God bless everyone like God the almighty blessed my family through his anointed man 🙏
  • Elaine Williams
    Pray for my three sons to come back to Jesus and my grandkids thank you God bless
  • Mildred Jabo
    I ask for prayer that not one person in my family from the oldest to the youngest be lost. That In The Name of Jesus my whole entire family be saved and filled with the Holy Ghost!!! Deliver anybody in my family that is drinking, smoking cigarettes, on any kind of drugs even using profanity to be delivered if there be any in my family that’s doing any of these things. Father God, in the Name of Jesus set them free! No only in my family, but other families too. Nothing is to hard for God. What is impossible with man is possible with God!!! With God, ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!
  • Erica Bruggeman
    AMEN... we often forget that God is with us all the time and that we are surrounded by His Angels. My best time of praying is in the early morning when it is quiet. But wherever I go God is there. Walking in the park is always a lovely time to thank Him for everything! I am thankful when He wakes me in the morning, refreshed with new Strength, Good Health, and God's Love and Light. I feel so Blessed just knowing that God hears my prayers.
  • Aldith Hazzart
    Lord I thank you for this word. Lord I pray that you would save my children my nieces and nephews my brothers and sisters my parents my inlaws my friends. I pray that you would release your power in my family for healing for deliverance for restoration. Let your salvation flow in my family Lord. Thank you Lord
  • Cari Dennis
    Please please pray for breakthrough for my family and I. May they be saved and ready for the rapture with me. ✝
  • Amoy Johnson
    Please pray for my Grandson that God will touch him and allow him to speak loose his tongue in Jesus Name 🙏🏾🙏🏾
  • Alice C
    I cried when I heard this message. I'm so broken and only God can fix me
  • Debby CEO
    What a powerful sermon. "ANYTIME IT CROSSES YOUR MIND, INSTEAD OF THINKING ABOUT IT, PRAY ABOUT IT" Thank you pastor. Am a Tither too.
  • Sifiso Vilakazi
    I felt God's Presence watching this online...I woke up and the Lord told me to search for Pastor Franklin. I am so glad I listened and quickly clicked on this sermon on YouTube. My God I know this is the Word God had for me. Thank you Lord Jesus. I will work and be able to provide for my kids and mom.
  • Paulina Maile
    I'm connected from South Africa pray for me and my family in Jesus's name amen distance is not a barrier .
  • Cindy Kassian
    Wow! Can you pray for the Salvation of my two sons, Jason and Ryan? I will see them on the 24! Thank you to Revive them😇🙏❤️
  • Ms. Shelia
    Praying for our adult children…..SALVATION ❤That they would filled with the Holy Ghost…. Walk in JESUS’ways all of their days🙏🏾
  • Mel Okwabi
    Glory be to God in Jesus' Name. I m crying as l write my comment. I m a nurse and last night on my night shift, l was given a dying patient to look after. I was wondering where her soul was going after her last breath, but l kept committing her into God's hands....after some time while doing my rounds, l just stopped in the middle of ward and raised up hands and l prayed with a loud voice that God should receive her soul in glory and grant her eternal rest(reminding Jesus, the prayer of my brother on who said to Jesus...remember me when you come into your glory on the cross)...after watching this message on short prayer ohhh, l now know that God sent me to that ward for this patient .Glory be God !!!!. This message is like voice of the Holy Spirit assuring me that Yes ,l was sent to pray for this patient and YES she's now resting in the arms of Jesus. May God richly bless you pastor. 🙏
  • Rosemarie
    Im praying for my children that they may filled with holy ghost. In Jesus name!