Chet Baker Trio ‎– Someday My Prince Will Come (1983) [1987 edition]

Published 2017-07-15

1 Gnid (Tadd Dameron) [bonus track] 0:00
2 Love Vibrations (Horace Silver) [bonus track] 8:33
3 Sad Walk (Bob Zieff) 18:25
4 Someday My Prince Will Come (Frank Churchill) 29:07
5 I'm Old Fashioned (Jerome Kern/Johnny Mercer) 36:56
6 In Your Own Sweet Way (Dave Brubeck) 44:22


Bass – Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen
Engineer [Assistant] – Tom West
Engineer [Recording] – Freddy Hansson
Guitar – Doug Raney
Producer – Nils Winther
Trumpet, Vocals – Chet Baker

Recorded "live" at Montmartre, Copenhagen, October 4, 1979.

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  • I'm 81 and "discovered" Chet to listen to only a few years ago. (I probably heard him before, wedged in with other jazz musicians on one or another radio station. What I've missed! Thankfully YouTube brings most (all?) of his music to me. No matter how much his fans appreciate Chet's music, it seems sadly overlooked and neglected.
  • @peliparado94
    Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen, one of the most underrated jazz bassists of all time. An absolute virtuos genius.
  • La sección de comentarios de los videos de álbumes de jazz son las más encantadoras, amorosas y en paz que te puedes encontrar en todo YouTube y me atrevería a decir que en todo el internet; desde mi experiencia propia, puedes leer los comentarios de cualquiera de estos videos y tenlo por seguro que es un lugar pacífico... I love it! :D
  • @gerald5954
    I love Chet's lyrical style. Reminds me of Ella Fitzgearld's scats. Same feel in that they both don't overplay but rather stay within bounds but make the most of the few notes they use. Most trumpet soloist try to impress with each improv, but Chet just gives you enough. This is what makes it "Cool Jazz" Great and Fabulous. Thanks for posting. I've never heard this album.
  • @MJLeger-yj1ww
    Chet had a special way of playing the trumpet, you could hear him "tongue" the notes, and he could do that with his voice as well. Remarkable talent.
  • What a wonderful album, what an excellent group---he sure knew how to pick 'em! Chet's playing for me always sounds so fresh, unpretentious, warm and lyrical.
  • @nachogaz
    Wow. Nunca había escuchado a Chet tocando asi, que tremendo
  • @codyleviwaffle
    The way the audience's applause sync up at the end of sad walk is unreal
  • @laslatty9720
    This beautiful individual taught me everything I know about modern music...from the first day I met him on the campus at El Camino College in Orange County, California...including the first gig I ever had ..a one time stint with the Shelly Manne group in North Hollywood.. I quit playing the day after i heard of his death in 1985...and have not played since then...i listen now and broadcast the legacy of Chet's influence on beautiful music..he was a genius.....a one of a lifetime kind...I miss his presence every day of my 87 year old life....
  • @ronspin
    I'm 80 and now appreciate the "less is more" in Chet's style.
  • @sschnabelito
    God I love when he sings. Feels like an instrument - just like Abby Lincoln.
  • this was one of the first album i've heard when i rediscover Chet Baker, during the beginninig of my jazz years. I'm always astonished about the perennial melodic phrasing of Chet, also when he's doubling in bop style
  • @postatility9703
    Chet made some great choices,playing terrific tunes that were rarely(if ever)covered by others outside of the composers(Coltrane, Silver)
  • @joisann5207
    the bass line on sad walk.. you can visualize his hands knitting the smooth but solid path where the groove goes rising infinitly
  • Just love the way Nhop plays the bass. He's absolutely precise at choosing the notes. Not to mention chet's playing which is, in my humble opinion, quintenssential. In a nutshell, this recording was made to be fully appreciated over a bottle of Scotch or enjoying some glasses of good beer. Thanx for uploading it, mate. Cheers from Brazil!
  • @peliparado94
    What a beautiful jazz album. The trio format is definetly my favorite among the many formats Chet Baker played in: guitar, double bass and trumpet/voice. In this case we have the amazing Neil-Henning Orsted Pedersen on bass and Doug Raney on guitar, which are among my favorite on their respective instruments. Highly virtuous and technichal musicians who also play with great elegance and tact, never sounding tacky or pretentious.
  • @BGMRelaxingJazz
    I always play this when I do my french homework and I love it this way, I am way more relaxed and I do better ❤ thank you