The Right and Wrong Way to Make a Villain

Published 2022-11-23
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It's good to be bad.

Time to talk about Villains and how to do them right, and how to do them... Not right.

0:00 - The beginning
0:36 - What is a Villain? I dunno
1:13 - Advertisement
3:03 - Lysandre: Execution of Motive
8:18 - SEYMOUR: The Man behind the War (And Yu Yevon)
14:30 - Senator Steven Armstrong - Leaving an Impression
19:09 - Eggman: A Certified Classic
26:59 - Conclusion
28:20 - End Credits

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All Comments (21)
  • Sulfur
    The thing about Armstrong is that, for his incredibly short amount of screen-time, the man has three introduction segments. First - his in-character speech on top of Excelsus, second - him still in character and revealing his powers, and then finally third - breaking character and getting real. With every scene we discover a new layer to him, and as such, despite the fact that he's been on screen for like 5 minutes, he feels like a well-established character.
  • Shonen Bois
    I honestly love villains who have a good balance between being Evil and goofy like Eggman and Wily. In my opinion it gives the villain that unpredictable factor.
  • DSpace
    I believe what makes a good and bad villain involves around two things:
    A) The kind of story you're in.
    B) The villain taking the message of the story to the extremes, that way, the protagonist could relate to the villain in a way and see that they are similar in a way, just with different methods.
  • Victor Cancelas
    Bowser’s a great example of a villain who started out generically evil but later evolved to have humanizing qualities. He genuinely loves and cares about his son, Bowser Jr, and the Koopalings and he wants to keep kidnapping Peach so that he can give Jr. a mother which is a good motivation. He also genuinely cares about his own people and troops and is willing to do anything to save them if they’re in danger and even puts aside his hatred of Mario and his friends if there is another threat that is willing to endanger the lives of his own men.
  • In the case of Armstrong it's both that he's a good villain and has charisma which is partially due to the voice acting. That along with the writing helps make a character who could've easily been a heavy handed slap at American politicians, ends up being one of the most memorable bad guys in Video Games.
  • Muller Potgieter
    Guzma was just a ton of fun. Especially when you find him in the ultra dimension and he says "Yall are stupid!"
  • Moonwolf Yowane
    I do love how Eggman was given more of a character and Frontiers and the IDW comics, it makes him more of a interesting and compelling character.
  • MisterZygarde64
    I feel like Lysandre's execution and reception is why I think we've had a departure from villain Teams like Rocket or Galactic and started have more Team Skulls at the forefront. Personally I'd love to see a return to the old style. I myself had the idea of being apart of a gang like Team Skull and the plot is basically Team Skull vs Team Rocket. Kinda like Pokemon Colosseum except Wes decided to hang out with Guzma.
  • Castform 7
    What I love about Eggman is that he has this entertaining balance of goof and mad genius. It allows him a lot of freedom to do a lot of crazy stuff without it seeming out of character especially when it comes to his machines. This is all tied together with his boisterous ego and charisma. He's very simple but it's really hard to think about when you just enjoy his presence. Even in the 2010's while he wasn't at his best, he was a mile more entertaining than literally everyone else in the cast (thank you Mike Pollock).
  • Herabec
    Lysanderoth is my favorite villain. His tragic story about wanting to destroy the world to preserve his dead beautiful alien mom is very relatable.
  • SolidSkullz
    Villains are great because they’re often the driving force of a story. If the villain is good, the story benefits from it. They can also be some of the most interesting characters because of why they do what they do or because of what they’ve done. Villains are often some of my favorite characters because of this and seeing the hero clash with them not just physically but ideologically is very interesting
  • Guus van Voorst
    The one that truly terrified me with his absolute malice is Porky in Mother 3... literally EVERYTHING about him is unnerving in a way... and that for a Nintendo game...
  • Spencer Sharpe
    Honestly Eggman’s whole dad arc in Frontiers really goes to show just how versatile a character he is because by now he’s been taken in so many directions. He’s been a goofy mustache twirler in the classic games and some of the modern ones, he’s been a serious legitimate threat in most of the adventure and dark age titles and even the movies, he’s GENUINELY TERRIFYING in SATAM and the Archie Comics (well, Eggman 2 specifically anyway), and now in Frontiers and some of the IDW Comics he’s more human than ever. Eggman might not be my favorite Sonic antagonist per say (that Honor is still a toss up between Metal Sonic and Merlina…also the End can be cool if they bring it back in future games like it’s monologue implies), but Eggman is so beloved because he’s a character thats a jack of all trades and is one of the rare cases where he’s master of…well, all of them.
  • King Bash
    I think Dr. Weil from the Mega Man Zero series is a great example of how diabolical a villain can be. He's not super complex in his overall drive, but his intelligence, ruthlessness, and overarching presence over the entire story makes him arguably the best antagonist in the entire Mega Man franchise.
  • Miguel Escobedo
    Dr. Eggman will always be the best villain a perfect blend of goofy but sometimes evil at the same time in my opinion.
  • sirmeme
    eggman acting like a father towards metal and sage makes me love him all the more
  • What I want for a future Pokémon game is for there to be two “teams” like in OR/AS and the version you pick decides what side you’re on. Your friends in one version would be your enemies in another. That would really give a great opportunity to flesh out the Villains as you rise up the ranks
  • Knightshade
    I actually have a deep soft-spot for XY and especially Lysandre. His is a very tragic figure who would have become very iconic if he was in any franchise except for Pokemon and did not suffer from such poor writing. His introduction is infamous for his obvious villainy, which later overshadowed his genuinely sympathetic motive. I think that you were even lighter on Team Flare than you could have been, for this was the most harmless and comedic team before Team Skull, possibly even moreso with how little the grunts took themselves seriously. In the end, I was wondering how many of them actually knew about Lysandre's plan and were not just in a get-rich-quick scheme. Speaking of Lysandre's plan, the core issue with it is that it falls apart because he and the player live in a world where people regularly give away valuable items and are constantly encouraging strangers. I can not see this world falling into poverty and strife. Yes, there are some minor allusions to wealth inequality in Kalos, but it is just some punks in Lumious and a few maids and butlers in Perfume Palace and the Battle Chateau.
    Again, I deeply love Lysandre in concept as a disillusioned madman but think that everything was working against him.
  • I would love to hear about your opinion on the silly “I love evil and good is yucky” villains. The Doofenshmirtz and Team Rockets (Jessie, James and Meowth) of the world!