Smash or Pass: All ∞ Pokémon

Published 2023-09-11

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  • @Skyes
    no intro needed, straight into smash or pass, genuine thoughts about some pokemon, straight gas
  • @CJ_Luna
    Mark really went from "Tall Vampire Lady" to "most pokemon fused with Salazzle", specifically… 😂
  • @icetide9411
    I love how Mark tried to make his perfect creation and it just started making abominations
  • @Ozraevun
    I love how Mark AT TIMES actually TRIES to create something smashable but just ends up with the most horrifying creation in the history of Smash or Pass.
  • @amie2687
    The slow change of his number of pass from 41 to 42 at 4:44 while Mark was laughing hysterically just got to me
  • @heyheyitsjae2475
    Now we need to see him do this for that infinite fusions game that has actual custom sprites
  • @sparksdog8111
    Can we take a moment to realize that Mark clicking the 'evolve' button is basically just him thinking "maybe when you're older."
  • @NorthernPhoenix
    I’d love to see this with an eye tracker, I wanna know where mark is looking first😂
  • @DiabloOGM72
    I love mark going "that's a pile of sand" at Sandygast and immediately finding Palossand
  • @aidenredwood9777
    excited to see MatPat try to figure out the Markiplier Lore and constructing the "perfect pokemon"
  • @carsonwhite185
    Can’t wait for mark to discover the infinite fusions community, where the sprites are actually made as combinations rather than just slapped together
  • @bizarrereza
    The smash streak that Mark went on near the end was hilarious
  • @_SugarBee_
    When he takes so long you really gotta wonder what scenarios he's picturing
  • @vasistired
    Mark being afraid of being called a furry lover whenever a pokemon fusion has a name that contains 'fur' inside of it is just so funny to me 😂
  • @Omnrai
    Mark is really risking his life at every smash
  • @penguinbro896
    The comedic payoff after Mark remembers Florges into mixing it into an absolute monstrosity is incredible
  • Mark, you need to do all the Pokemon that just came out! We need to know your hot takes!