Visit Cancun - The DON'Ts of Visiting Cancun, Mexico

Published 2017-02-12
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Visiting Cancun, Mexico is an amazing place to go, there are so many things to do and see, but here we will go over the things you DON'T do when you are vacationing in Cancun.
Filmed in Cancun, Mexico
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The Don'ts of Visiting Cancun

What You Should Know About All Inclusive Resorts

5 Things You Will Love & Hate about Cancun, Mexico

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  • @luisduran9596
    Hi I'm Mexican and I live in Cancun, i just wanted to say thanks for the real opinions and suggestions you give because at the end we want tourists to have an amazing time here, thank you for helping them and us!
  • I grew up travelling as my dad was military. Your videos are accurate as far as addressing the culture. I say that because I haven't been to all the places you have but many of as I see in your videos. I think the best thing tourist can do, especially US citizens, is to never act superior. The saying "When in Rome" applies. Accept their way as you are in their area. I think a rude tourist is one that expects communities to serve them and their wants because they are willing to spend a few dollars. Be humble and appreciative of your surroundings.
  • I went to Cancun this summer and I went on an airplane for the VERY FIRST TIME and that terrifying but safe flight was totally WORTH IT. Cancun is such a beautiful place and it’s a perfect place for a family to go to
  • I went to Cancun once. I wanted to just sort of be where the locals were, not hotel row, and wanted to go as cheap as possible. So, I booked a flight, did my research and got a room at a hotel in town called Hotel Kin Mayab (now known as Selina Cancun). I used the shuttle. I brought cash with me to exchange to their currency. After a couple days I got used to what normal prices were, even compared to the US dollar. I walked around a lot. I ate the BEST Mexican food I ever had... ever! I went to the strip of shops along side the ADO bus terminal in the city center and booked a tour for the next day for around $50 USD. That tour went from before sun up to past sun down. We went everywhere that day. Chichen Itza, cenotes, a Mayan lunch and shopping. Totally worth what I paid. I was the only one on the tour that wasn't in hotel row. I remember asking everyone what they thought of the food... basically, it was all bland and not spicy at all. As I understood them, the resorts cater to Europeans. I told them about all the great food I had and the heartburn I had since the first morning all through the trip. Most of those people looked and sounded sad that they didn't have the real Mexican food they wanted. So, based on that alone, I don't care to ever stay at a resort there. I also did shopping at Mercado 28. Excellent shopping. And everyone was super nice. Let me tell you something about downtown by the way... EVERYONE is nice. And I saw something I have never seen anywhere else, I could see how everyone helped everyone. And what I mean by that is that I could see how the locals all pitch in to help one another whenever they can. It is a rough place to live, I could see that. So the sense of community effort was something I appreciated seeing. Now, as this guy in the video said, yes please do tip well. They deserve it. Be polite to them. Don't be an ass. Don't be snooty. Don't tell them "well that's weird" or "well that's not how it is at home". Now, if you go to Cancun, I will tell you what I told a coworker who went there and tried a restaurant I told him about and he and his wife LOVED it! Go to Isla Contoy (Mercado 23 Manzana 37 SM23 Cedro lote 16, 77500 Cancún, Q.R., Mexico) for lunch. The food there was so amazing.
  • Thanks for encouraging the tipping when coming to Mexico 🇲🇽 A lot of families do survive on them!
  • @user-kr4bf3zd9o
    I’d want to add: skip the taxi all together. Take the local buses. They’re about 10% of what taxis charge. For snacks and drink to have at the hotel, go to the centro and pick all this stuff at the supermarket. And, don’t be afraid to ask the locals about anything. I find everyone in Mexico to be very friendly and hospitable.
  • Mexico is absolutely beautiful, there is so much pure unspoiled beauty. I'm am lucky enough to have family in Mexico that took me to the best places, going on vacation when your family are locals is the best. I stayed a month in Durango mostly in penon blanco. The desert in the summer is beautiful, little flowers everywhere and fireflies at night the smell of fresh tortillas cooking in the morning. The food is amazing everything is always fresh and in Durango my grandmother would cook in a clay oven with mesquite wood. Penion blanco is a little oasis in the dessert is also known for its natural thermal baths, I think it's called la concha. There's also a lot of walnut and fruit farms, the smell of walnut trees is amazing btw. The people are the friendliest and most generous I have ever met, I was walking with a cousin of mine one time and someone was having a wedding party and they just invited us in when we walked by, it was really fun. Also there are a lot of beautiful Spanish style houses with open areas in the middle of the house with beautiful gardens and colorful birds. I think it's a thing with senior citizens down there to collect flowers and birds. Mexico is amazing, too bad people only hear of the things in the news, it's so safe there after a day of swimming in the beautiful clear rivers full of pretty fish we caught to cook over a fire we would sleep outside under the stars. Well I guess it isn't that bad that people don't travel more of Mexico, all those resorts in Cancun are illegally tearing down the mangrove tree forests that keep the waters so beautiful. All these all inclusive resorts are messing up local economy as well since alot tourists don't leave the resorts, most of these resorts are U.S. owned. So not only are they messing up tourism and local businesses but also the environment.
  • @rsodeyi
    Hi Mark, just discovered your channel and loving your take on things.
    I have two young children as well so no more just heading somewhere and just doing it ...lots of muchos planning so that mum and dad can also enjoy some downtime.
    If you haven't yet, please also add in some family-centric content.
    I did do the Cancun trip and agree with everything ... except pineapple instead of grapefruit :-)
    Keep up the good work.
  • @jadoll
    Great tips. I’ve been to Cancun many times and tell first timers all these things all the time. There is also confusion about the immigration and customs forms you usually fill out on the plane. DON'T lose the second half of your immigration form. You will need it to get out of Cancun. It will cost you if you need to replace it.
  • @annbush1826
    We were so lucky to be able to visit the Yucatán peninsula with a guide who knew the history of the Maya — going to Uxmal, Chichen and the tower at Tulum.
    This vanished culture has left massive architectural structures. Please tip your local guides!
  • @jross9800
    Great video, I've been Cancun 5 times now and we try to stay at a different resort every time. You were spot on in every tip. I like to stay closer to downtown (walking distance from shopping centers, restaurants, bars...) although when staying at a resort you really don't have to step out but Cancun has so many places to explore. A tip I would have for anyone staying at a resort is that as soon as you check in to your hotel walk to the nearest kiosk and make dinner reservations at the hotel's steak restaurants... especially if you stay at an all inclusive resort. You can make a reservation for the same restaurant twice or choose a different one for every day you stay there. Do it right away bc they fill up quick and you will miss out on great food while staying there. I usually take about $50 in single dollar bills for tipping, a couple of $5 bills... bring extra sunblock, and comfortable tennis shoes because you will end up walking around a lot.
  • @BrilloG
    Como mexicana que ha viajado a Cancún cumpliste todos los puntos básicos , ya que me topé con extranjeros y si los vi salgo perdidos en los puntos que dijiste xD. Cuando pueda viajar a veracruz puerto visite el acuario es el más grande de America latina ( creo aún lo es ) y si vuelve a Cancún trate de visitar xcaret
  • @asianinky
    Love Cancun. We were there 2 years ago and enjoyed every bit of it. I have a new found respect to the Mexican people especially those we met at our hotel. They are very hardworking, friendly and super helpful. Can't wait to go back
  • Hi Wolters, your tips are great! I'll be visiting Cancun in October and got to see your video just in time. However, you mention doing a lot of exploring and getting to see the cultures, but with all the violent crime going on due to the cartels, how can we be safe about it? And is it really worth it when considering the off chance of getting caught in the wrong place at the wrong time? As much as I want to explore, my life is more important to me.
  • @slwtgf
    Love and trust your research, fam, and tips! This is only place we’ve traveled from the US (aside from Peru which was true authentic hardcore globe trotter trip of a lifetime!) and you nail Cancun! Riviera Maya area I personally love more but yes GREAT vid!
  • I was there 30 years ago, and had a wonderful time, staying at a little hotel (built before the whole beachfront was hotels), and visited Chichen Itza, too. I left tips all the time, and thought it a wonderful vacation, acconpanying my friend from Grad Sachool who asked me along because
    she was only going with her parents and wanted a companion from her class at school!
  • Great rundown of suggestions. As an expat, my Mexican friends feel that we expats over tip and this, in their estimation is not good. Nor do they feel that we should haggle for a better price. Personally I feel that in resort areas, I do ask if there is a better price as the prices are jacked up. My rule of thumb: if I like it I buy it at the priced asked. If it’s a common item like a ceramic mask, I keep looking until I’m comfortable with the price. On last point, I have been told that Pemex gas station attendants are not salaried....tip them. They will check your oil, inflate your tires, suggest additives, and clean your windshield without cost so giving them at least 10 - 20 pesos is nice. Be sure the gas pump is set to 000
  • @docbrown6550
    I believe it was Cancun, I would have to ask my nephew to verify. My nephew went there and a taxi driver deliberately took him and his friends out into the Country dropped them off and left them knowing these kids will miss their Cruise Ship that was leaving very soon. Wherever they were they missed the Ship and had to spend a lot of money for extra travel I believe including some air travel and with taxis to meet their ship at the next port. They learned a very valuable lesson.
  • Viva la Mexico. I love going down there. First time i stayed in Akumal, absolutely pristine, its MUCH more laid back and the beaches, Coral Reef, aqua marine life , jungle life is still thriving there. I've traveled to several places in the caribbean , but akumal is special and has so much to offer whether you just wanna kick back, or be adventurous and go on excursions and expeditions. lots of local cafes, great food, nice people, very safe. Another plus is Akumal, is only less than a 30 min ride from playa del carmen, which is a really fun place to go to at night especially, great night life, delicious food, beautiful girls, good stuff all around. I try to stay away from Cancun its not really my thing. Im really looking forward to going back, hopefully sooner than later. Great tips here, BTW. I agreed with all of them, especially the tipping bit, a little goes a long way there, it shows the people providing you a service that you appreciate it, and they will take better care of you when you do give them something. I work hospitality at my job, we also get tips, so i know just how it works.
  • @sandimiller2335
    Went in Feb 2016. Best vacation ever. The Mexican people have to be the kindest, most hard working I've ever seen. They put our restaurant and hotel staff to shame here in Canada. We stayed for three weeks at a smaller resort and I made friends with a beautiful younger woman who I keep in contact regularly via Facebook and texts. I can't wait to go again and see her but she's at a different resort now so I'll have to visit on her time off different from the red or my partner has his time share.