William Hinn - Just to Know Him

Published 2020-01-20
William Hinn speaking at Power & Love Dallas during session 1.

William is the Senior Pastor of Risen Nation Church alongside his wife Emily; he also travels extensively as an international speaker. Their hearts are to see a generation run wholeheartedly after Jesus — walking in power, identity, intimacy, and righteousness. During William’s teens and early twenties, he served faithfully at his father, Pastor William D. Hinn’s church. William has directed ministry events in large venues, arenas, and stadiums for both Benny Hinn Ministries and Lifestyle Christianity. He has also served as a personal assistant to Todd White as well as an itinerant speaker under Todd’s ministry. He and Emily have two beautiful children: William, Elizabeth (Ellie), and one on the way! They are eager to see God’s people come into an encounter with Jesus & see this world invaded with the Kingdom of God.

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  • Barbara Naylor
    Thank you for this amazing message.
    I have only just come to know you when your uncle Benny Hinn was at the opening of your church.
    I love your preaching, thank you so much learned more again 🙏🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺
  • Jessica Norris
    This is really good. I am excited to hear him Saturday.
  • Megha digal
    Wrapped of with His Character 🥺❤🙌 maybe I can't feel Him but it's not about feelings it's about Him and His truth🙌
  • Lisa Daley
    Wow, I saw my Jesus today! Thankyou!
  • All Things Funny
    Exactly what I desire to be nothing so He can be my everything
  • lyne benoit
    Make the lord your heart delight and you have everything and that’s him, that it and that’s all, not complicated!!!
  • Mpho Hlohlolo
    It's like this : if you take out all your Sundays at church, all your Bible study groups time during the week, band practice, etc, what is left of your spiritual life?