Race Highlights | 2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix

Published 2023-11-19

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  • Leclerc holding off the Red Bulls with 6 Laps older tyres and still getting P2 at the end is a huge achievement.
  • @strongboy7289
    Fantastic drive by Leclerc. He's had a horrible year and he's finishing on a high.
  • @kudus4214
    I think what made this race really interesting was the field being very close together and not having drivers like 10+ seconds ahead.
  • Races are so much more fun when Ferrari are doing well. Massive drive from Leclerc!
  • @kelsonpenn9097
    I was at the race, when Leclerc made that pass on the last lap the whole city cheered. It was nuts!
  • @Deflower-me-tap
    This race made me a Leclerc fan. Being able to fight back and beat Perez with older tires was impressive
  • @stevenquan21
    Charles Leclerc with that massive send on the last lap. Mega stuff.
  • @micahs2935
    Proof that you don't need hype to make an exciting race, you just need great racing.

    "The show" made my eyes roll all week but the race really delivered something to talk about.
  • @Bilaldinho1
    Fantastic drive by Charles Leclerc. He’s had a horrible year and he’s finishing on a high.
  • @Astonish_
    Bravest race from Leclerc this year. Amazing!
  • @IDzock
    Amazing Race! Even Max liked it..Viva Las Vegas🔥
  • Beautiful new course! Finally a track where passing is possible in numerous sectors! Great show!
  • What a race from leclerc 🔥

    Definitely deserved driver of the day and was unlucky not to get the race win
  • @smsfrancis
    Very well designed within the confines of existing street layout. Kept the cars close together with lots of passing opportunities, high speed corners, with only a couple bumps with one crash (which he seemed to achieve all by himself!)
  • This track is absolutely shocking how intense and eventful it was … absolute madhouse leading to such an amazing race. I am a fan of this track now seems like all the drivers felt confident in their abilities which lead to some awesome battles.
  • @smusyk2859
    It's been a boring season but this one had me on the edge of my seat.....
  • @FreshlySnipes
    What a great race! Despite all the negative news leading up to the race it really was a great venue and end product.