I Upgraded Every Structure in Minecraft!

Published 2023-09-02
I Upgraded Every Minecraft Structure, they look so cool!
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In this video I upgrade all 26 structures in Minecraft hardcore! They go from looking boring and old to modern and exciting!! Let me know which one of the structure upgrades is your favourite from this hardcore minecarft video!

Thanks to my brtoher @GamerZyt for being in this vid!

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   • A Perfect START in Minecraft Hardcore!  



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This video was inspired by @tazoh and his upgrading boring minecraft structures video! :)

This Hardcore Minecraft series is inspired by aCookieGod, Sandiction and Wadzee. This Minecraft Hardcore series is full of Minecraft challenges and sometimes I will make a Hardcore Minecraft Full Movie. This is similar to 100 days but better 😎

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  • @LockDownLife
    ✅ Host A Server wisehosting.com/LDL - Use code "LOCKDOWN" to get 25% off! Thanks for watching guys, this video took so so so long! Also if you want a minecraft server don't forget to use the link above :)
  • @GamerZyt
    I've gotta get more building done or soon you'll be better than me 😳
  • @SidenkoE51
    I've seen Notch'es villages and I see a point in them, like make vanilla structures "bad" and uncompleted, so players would upgrade them and make comfidence and a want to build modern minecraft structures are so lashy and pretty that players just have no point in making them beter, they are complete and I think it takes creativity from us
  • @aidanlarkin606
    I love your videos so much everything you don I think I almost got to see all your videos Also love you so much lockdownlife
  • @Animimiations
    For every like this comment gets, I’ll do 3 burpies Edit - ohhhhhh flip that’s a lot Edit 2- to all those non-believers out there, if this gets 2k+ likes, I’ll post the video on yt!! FR!!!
  • @MarmikThakur
    The new end city is the best one . Like this if you agree 😊
  • @TibuProGaming
    Wardens don't spawn if you break the shriekers, they have to be naturally placed where they are. Anyways, all your structures look very cool man, i would like to build like you.
  • @trollermcgeetv
    In the abandoned village, I feel like you could've also built some graves.
  • Comment lockdown is a good builder he literally built the solar system he can build anything❤❤
  • @phylgalvez5432
    LockDownLife make the Titanic it will look cool and awesome😮
  • @sebseb4472
    This was very good but i kinda wished you kept the theme of the biome like the desert temple keep it like something from the desert
  • @MUI_GOKU2
    I think the mineshaft can be soo much better. You can put some stairs like someone has use it for construction progress. You can put some bridges across the quarry. You could even do some moss coblestone to make it like an old construction site. hope this helps
  • @RSML-po2kc
    LockDownLife became Camman18 for a second 😂😂
  • Wow! All the builds look AWESOME! It completely blew my mind. Great Job LockDown!
  • @IronGears.186
    If you smash the screamers, the wardens don't spawn, they have to be placed naturally where they were.
  • @myleenluz8282
    This video really changed my life as it was, i started upgrading all the structures in my 1 year hardcore world too.
  • @Voki123
    Yesterday morning I was playing Minecraft with my sister we spawned next to a snow biome and I turned a pile of snow into an igloo but it’s not finished bc we wanted to do a similar challenge to you where we make different colored bases but we didn’t get to do it lol luv u lockdown found u a couple days ago I love ur vids! <3