Austin Beutner talks about 2023 LAUSD strike

Published 2023-03-21
Former LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner joined FOX 11 to talk about the 3-day strike.

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All Comments (20)
  • Jose Garcia
    I don’t think these fox host were expecting him to say that 😂
  • Marcus Garvey
    “the union has it right on this one” just like Carvalho had it right when he negotiated a 26 percent raise for himself. Why do people feel only the wealthy have the right to higher wages?
  • El Gringo
    Beutner was probably the best Sptd LAUSD has had in decades. He took care of the teachers during Covid and he never got caught up in any financial crimes like his predecessors did.
  • aimeesmommy1
    My daughter benefited from vision to learn . I work at a school and haven't seen vision to learn come to our school since Carvhalo has been around.
  • Billy GR
    If hard working LAUSD employees, get the minimum 30% raise, to be able to cover the high cost of living in LA and basic needs . That shows how much they're are valued.
  • eddieduzit16
    How come he didn't sign the contract before be left those contacts were up while he was superintendent and used COVID as an excuse to not sign it
  • Pete Stanton
    but they won't bc they're supergreedy; they'll keep the extra revenue 4 themselves
  • Cathy LiPera
    Beutner didn't want to give raise. He also made money from his deal with Covid pass. He us probably saying this because he wants to run for office. Once they give a raise they start to find ways to fire the higher paid employees so much the tax payers don't know. Beutner did and Carvalho is doing it. Not to mention how many subs are working without credentials yet they have 350 dusplaced teachers who could have a class but they won't give it to them
  • John W
    Support working class! High inflation is rampant and has eroded current living.
  • Beutner did a great job with Covid. As a UTLA member I was ashamed at the classless comment UTLA leadership made when Beutner resigned. He did a great job
  • Quipson
    Remember the slogan "California Lottery, Our Schools Win, Too?"
  • American Fever
    District suits want the grease of contracts they have on their agendas sitting on 4 billies
  • Evelynda Bartz
    I wish I can also ask for a 30% increase of pay…
  • Melos Ova-SuaV
    I remember that Rat Faced Coward who got his Ass Kicked by UTLA.
  • laura velasco
    Did you know the district PAYS vision to learn? It's not a freebie, Beutner is no saint.
  • laura velasco
    Hypocrite. He didn't do anything to favor teachers when they negotiated the contract. Publicity stunt, he was there promoting vision to learn. 😱 You don't fool me Beutner.