FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS | Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Deji

Published 2022-11-13

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  • TheUniverseGamer
    Deji is such a nice guy for giving Floyd the win, such a humble man
  • InternetKid
    Props to Deji for not throwing any punches, he was simply sparing Floyd’s life
  • Floyd was ready for a fight but after the first few seconds with deji; seeing him flinch, back up, and close up a lot, he relaxed and decided to entertain more than fight.
  • darkmeta80
    respect to Floyd for not knocking Deji out cold in the first round in front of his family and young fans.
  • TheSpookyBoi
    Huge props to Deji for putting over young talent like Floyd. He knew it was an exhibition and really didn't stand to lose his undefeated streak!
  • Mayur Patel
    Big respect to Deji for letting his student use him as a punching bag. 👊
  • Dr Phot
    It never ceases to amaze me how Floyd looks like he's doing a little but is actually doing alot!
  • Adam Little
    I’m proud of Deji for stepping in the ring with him and I’m sure he enjoyed the opportunity, I hope he learned from the fight and he must be so happy that he got to fight such a legend even though he obviously couldn’t win, but none of us could so props to him
  • Julio Gomez
    You can tell the experience Floyd has against deji. He could've ended it at any round he wanted.
  • Big respect for the master boxer to stay humble and let the little guy gain experience. Deji letting Floyd win for his confidence is 💯
  • Tom Ryder
    If you’ve ever sparred your trainer you know how deji feels
  • Justus Sneary
    I’ve never seen Floyd on camera, but I’m shocked by his reaction time and skill. Truly a superhuman. He could have ended it in the first round if he wanted to.
  • The Apex
    Floyd toying with Deji is the most hilarious thing ever 😂😂
  • brandon johnson
    It's crazy to see hpw quick Floyd's reflexes are at 45. Usually in boxing, your speed, reflexes and timing are first to go with power being the last thing they have at his age. I know deji and Logan paul are youtubers, but they are men half his age, naturally bigger, and in their physical prime but Floyd's speed and timing is still what separates him from them.
  • Highkey Steeze
    This looked like a Father showing his son the Ropes at age 18😂
  • Alex Thao
    I was laughing the entire time. Floyd was absolutely toying with Deji, bro was dancing cuz he knew he was getting the bag for doing nothing 😂
  • ButteryAssNigga
    Floyd had to set a reminder in his phone about this fight😂
  • Alex Martinez
    He's gonna learn a lot from this. Imagine you had 6 rounds with one of the best boxers ever ?