Pulling The Trigger | Harry Mack Freestyle (Omegle Bars 75)

Published 2023-11-06


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  • @Diabloi420
    That's one of the fastest flows I've heard from the mack so far. Mind blowing bars❤️👌💯
  • @theone2be33
    Love how HM be mysterious by playing ignorant as to who he is.
  • @alecrichards8574
    One of the things we love the most is the astounded reactions during whether or not they know who he is. I think that's Harry's favorite part too
  • @plebcrabslayer
    Lyrics! Just for fun. 🙃 //// Yeah, okay, unh Yeah, yeah, check, check Check, check, check I got that underground sound bumpin' out the cellar I told you I could kill it over beats or a cappella Much love to Slick Rick 'cause I'm a storyteller I'm leavin' off from Earth, y'all know my flow is interstellar I be out there in the cosmos Am I the illest that you heard? Boy, I thought so! Yeah, and I pack flavor like tacos Unh, mad energies, you know we brought those every time we rock flows Yeah, y'all know I'm goin' in hard, ay, see me out there by the stars Ay, matter fact, I'm goin' further, ay, I'm in the rover on Mars Yeah, y'all know I'm drivin' around it, ay, I'm on a whole nother planet Ay, when I be flowin' right off o' the top, they know that the flow is gigantic I'm doin' it bigger, I'm thinkin' much quicker My lyrics are sicker; yo, how do you figure? Harry Mack comin' through really to kill it You know that I grab on the mic and I spill it One in a million whenever I'm flippin', they lovin' the way that I'm rippin' The scale, I be tippin' Y'all know I come with the rap verse Should to my man with the cap on backwards Yeah, you know that I came in with the strong flair He got the black cap, she got the blonde hair H-Mack, man, you know I'm 'bout to do it hella phat I said, "I'm gon' need one from you up in the back!" Yeah, when I spit, never no average flow, every move I make is [tactical] I go to places I have to go, all o' my bars are mathematical You know my lyrics amazin', I'm lyrically blazin', I'm solvin', like, every equation I'm goin' in deeper, unh, when I be spittin', I'm gettin' you lifted like reefer Yeah, and y'all know that I'm the boss, the best Ay, you got the strap that goes across the chest Yeah, H-Mack, you know I'm facin' the challenge And like your strap, I make 'em lean to the side like italics Matter fact, I get the cash, leave 'em with a gash I slice 'em, 'cause like your strap, I'ma leave 'em slashed H-Mack, I'm gettin' to the paper and the cash When I get it, I'ma dip, I be on a dash Like a hyphen, y'all know I be flowin' too free Shout to the girl up in the black shirt who be holdin' her knee Yeah, Mack, I break it down, other rappers just some wannabes I be goin' deep like I study trigonometry Yeah, told you my flow is much sicker, think o' my lyrics much quicker Yeah, shouts out the first two syllables, Mack'n is pullin' the trigger* Yeah, shootin' my shot whenever I'm on it, you know what I'm 'bout Ay, I'm gettin' busy, I'm doin' mathematics whenever I'm up on my route I feel like mathematical professor when I drop that cold lecture Put the whole game under pressure; comin' off top, that's forever Never gonna slip, believe that I'm raw I popped up on your screen, he's like, “Hold up, I seen you before!” Yeah, y'all know I'ma get props for representin' hip hop You seen my fuckin' vids drop, you seen 'em up on TikTok® I'm leavin' rappers lip-locked,** y'all know that I'm 'bout to never fail Shout my girl with rings on and painted nails I'm kickin' the lyrics to lift you up, you know that I'm never gon' harm ya My homie, he got the cap and the strap, and plus he be rockin' that Under Armour® I'm growin' just like the crops grown by a farmer Heh, ayo, y'all know I'm increasin' my karma Yeah, kill 'em when I spill it off the tip o' this, my lyrics too ridiculous Whenever I be doin' what I'm feelin', I'm one in a million When I be drillin' my name up in your mental You know my freestyle skills are essential I got your jaw droppin' down to the floor, they never heard me before You know that I'm raw, I'm somethin' like sushi I'm killin' it truly; whenever I rhyme, I be a beauty H-Mack livin' out his life like a movie Doin' it better than all the rest o' them, I'm testin' them whenever I be puttin' it down And people around the whole planet, they fuckin' with it, lovin' my sound Yeah, y'all know I spit it raw, that's for sure Yo, kill the beat, go on, pick your fuckin' jaws off the floor It's Harry Mack! * ESL note: /tri'go'no'me'try/ – /tri'go'/ – trig'ga (trig'ger) ** ESL note: to be lip-locked is to be involved in a French kiss. It works for the rhyme, but the meaning that Harry implied is one of a physical inability to speak, and the word for that is ‘tongue-tied’. Harry used lip-locked in this way two other times (OB 19-4 and “Rap Coltrane”).
    One of your best. Mind blowing stuff. The changes in your cadence and that last burst of lyrics was just fire.
  • @just__dave
    I think it’s pretty obvious why Eminem hasn’t reached out to Mack yet. He can’t compete!
  • @Fr3nchee
    To those who didn't catch what she said, she actually said "That is literally his dream".
  • @mbakhila
    At 4:23 boy zoned out and thought about his life for a minute. But you you know what's crazy, "me too bruv, me too."
  • @TwinVisioned
    Couldn't have said it better, those bars will be imprinted in history.
  • @jpoggi9081
    You need to watch these and just think, wow, he just hits next and does it again xD
  • @burraoneill8386
    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 you're truely one of a kind thanks for the Omegle bars harry mack very inspirational
  • @rykcan-4411
    seen every video mack has put out and this clip is still my favorite