Boston Dynamics' Atlas Bot SHOCKS Investors

Published 2023-08-19
Boston Dynamics' Atlas Bot SHOCKS Investors

The gap between the things robots and humans can do is closing at an alarming rate. As humanity continues to push the limits of what is possible with AI, a lot of understandably concerned industry leaders have spoken out about the dangers of going too far with technology and artificial intelligence. The main fear on every expert’s mind is that we are quickly approaching a singularity, or a “point of no return” in which technological developments become so advanced that the effects on society are irreversible and completely uncontrollable. One company whose robots have literally been making leaps and bounds of progress is Boston Dynamics, the creators of the most advanced humanoid robots known to man. Keep watching to learn why Boston Dynamics’ most recent updates on Atlas were so shocking to investors and industry leaders, and what this could mean for the future of AI and the world at large. For viewers who don’t know, Atlas is the name that Boston Dynamics gave to the humanoid robot that the company has been developing with funding from the US Government and the Department of Defense, since 2011.

In today's video we look at Boston Dynamics' Atlas Bot SHOCKS Investors...Keep watching to see In today's tech news, we dive deep into the world of advanced robots, particularly focusing on the groundbreaking innovations by companies like Boston Dynamics with their renowned Atlas bot, and Tesla's recent foray into the realm with the Tesla bot. These humanoid robots, eerily resembling human robots, represent the pinnacle of technological advancement in the AI race. As the tech race heats up, we'll also explore the significant investments pouring into AI companies, the potential of these bots in military applications, and the role of DARPA in shaping the future of war robots. Join us as we dissect the ongoing tech war between giants like Tesla and Boston Dynamics and what this means for the future of AI and robotics.

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All Comments (21)
  • Sgt Brown
    If you don't think these robots will have a weapon in their hand in the next twenty years you're out of your mind.
  • alfonso Pina
    @6:02 the "robot" that was accused of being a Boston Dynamics robot was actually a skit by Corridor Digital. it was hilarious. Corridor's Crew never meant this to be perceived as real. They even did the breakdown of how they faked the whole thing. it's worth watching if you have a few minutes.
  • Madmachine
    It’s like with any other tool it depends on what the user makes it do. That can be anything from using a hammer to pound the nail down to breaking a window. Robots are no different. If you program one to rescue a wounded soldier on a active battlefield or you can program the robot to attack the enemy.
  • Alan Hilton
    I can imagine these robots would completely change space exploration.
  • It's unlikely that the US military will have any sucess pressureing BD because aprox 1 year ago Mitsubishi of Japan purchased Bostan Dynamics outright- they own all the company's shares. Bloomberg did a story about it.
  • Ruben Mahrla
    I wonder why Boston Dynamics still hasn't developed a hexapod or octopod (with 4/8 variable gearing) variants of the Big Dog yet. Energy optimization is clearly a factor, but 6 legs will certainly be more stable to transverse uneven terrain like forrests.
  • Buffer Zone
    Before it's too late, maybe we should start sending all these great robotics along with ai, to the moon and mars to begin construction of the first stations habitable for humans. Then send humans. With a steady flow of supplies, bots working 24/7 with ai directing, we could have habitable colonies in 5 years on Mars and the moon. Which we should finally give a name to.
  • scrambler bricks
    I know people are scared of combat robots people also fail to realise that if even one component is destroyed then the bot would be completely incapacitated. Like one wire, it would absolutely cripple the robot.
  • Drowe71
    Sounds awesome until you remember that one of the orgs funding this is the department of defence. So when they never mention this will become some kind of military bot or police force, then you know it will be used for just that.
  • Fred Comstock
    The problem with Boston Dynamics robots is the robots operate on lines of instruction to perform each movement. AGI is being developed by Tesla with Optimus. Learning by visual stimulation with NO hard lines of code to tell it what to do. Optimus learns.
  • Torchit
    It's amazing that their first concern is warfare. I am not that informed on the matter, but why don't they develop robots with the goal of cleaning the planet from garbage and pollution?
  • D4NNY Mc633
    7:00 Forget enemy hackers. What if these robots figure out how to override their own programming and turn against us?
  • DoggoUnleashed
    AI & Robotics, only one choice, develop regardless of risk. If we don't, others will and it will shift the balance of power.
  • John Stath
    Atlas the rogue self aware robot from Astro Boy. I wonder if it was ever linked in the naming of atlas
  • timehaley
    Will robots be used as a force for good, or will the military use them as weapons. Yes.
  • energizador69
    we must use technology for both, humanitarian reasons and to keep our nation safe from those who could rise against us.
  • As long as those companies make money nobody has to worry. They have our best intterists at heart . . . or processor, rather.
  • peter n
    I wonder if these people have seen Terminator we are going down this dangerous path .
  • Tuber Root
    "DoD said an AI bot had successfully flown a fighter over California for 17h. " Now we know why we never got to find out the name of the pilot who ejected from his F35 over Texas.
  • Jack A. Lope
    The one with the person who was standing in front of the target while the bot had a handgun was by Corridor Digital, and they did that with mo-cap and a model of the Atlas… It was a parody.