Miley Cyrus - Flowers (Backyard Sessions)

Published 2023-03-15

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  • her backyard sessions are now basically better than the grammys
  • kim jenkins
    She is a vocal and lyrical beast! I love her pure spirit. I hope she stays true to herself. She has tremendous talent and she's happy! We only get one life to live. Live your life Miley! I love this backyard session and the outfits! ❤
  • Belinda Carter
    I love the way she stands when she sings - total power pose ⭐️
  • Valerie Crawford
    This song works, not just because of Miley's killer VOCALS, but because She sells the lyrics perfectly. She Lives them 💖
  • Connor Miller
    I’m no pop fan but Miley Cyrus’ talents and voice just attract me to her amazing music! From Hannah Montana to #1 artist, my generation was blessed to have her to come home to listen! ❤️
  • thibault
    Let the new Miley Cyrus era begin, she never disappoints us. She knows how to reivent herself every time. Her vocals and performance are always amazing
  • expectacular amo este album lleno de libertad y expontanea la gran miley cyrus
  • isso é muito música, desde a melodia, ritmo e harmonia está lá, bem no ponto.
  • Doris Rosa
    Out of all her Songs, this is my favorite cause no one can’t love you better than yourself!!
  • Saba's Bake Club
    If you haven't please watch this whole backyard session...just perfect with Miley's inspiration behind every song ❤
  • Malena vargas
    Bien Miley! Hermosa cancion, para reflexionar el amor a uno mismo/a y no depender emocionalmente , de nada ni nadie.
  • alyssa smith
    The way she has evolved as an artist over the years is amazing. Her raspy voice is invigorating to listen; it’s has that cool rocker chic vibe and reminds me of singers from the 80s. I love listening to her newer songs.
  • Felix Ozera
    I need to hear the entire album live! Hope to experience my first concert with this one ❤️🔥 🌸
  • tania Diogo
    Linda música. Boa para ouvir alta e dançar logo pela manhã. Assim vamos animados para o office. Parabéns Miley.
  • Deviants
    Más perfecto no se puede ser ❤
  • She is such a talent. I hope she looks after her own well being.
  • Juliana Acioly
    Que vozeirão é esse!!! E essa música é contagiante 🎤🎶💃
  • PersolSims
    she always manages to make her live performances sound way better than the studio versions
  • This is one of the best songs in the last decade. ❤ I am not a fan of Miley, but I know to appreciate a masterpiece and a great voice. Gg, girl! 🎉🎉🎉