The Biggest Mistakes Tourists Make in the USA

Published 2020-10-25
Hey there fellow travelers, today we are going to talk about some of the common little mistakes people make when they visit the US. Whether it is not knowing that sometimes you can turn right on red, or getting upset when people ask for your identification, or missing out on all the free tourist information you can get when you travel the US, these are common travel mistakes for traveling in and through the United States.
Visit America - 15 silly mistakes that tourists makes when they travel the US.
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All Comments (21)
  • Aaron Clift
    2 big mistakes that I see foreign tourists make all of the time:

    1) Not understanding the vast distances in the U.S. (I remember talking to a guy in Europe who said that he wanted to visit New York City, Disney World, and Los Angeles in a week!)

    2) Complaining about how we do things in the United States. Nobody will be your friend if you lecture them about how things are so much better in your country.
  • Matt
    As an Australian that has visited the US 5 times and travelled through & around at least 30 states, I would say YES definitely talk to locals! Most people are extremely friendly and happy to give advice on what to do & see!
  • Eric
    3 years of German in high school, two semesters of Spanish college, a year of Japanese in the military, and continuing Spanish online. I would not say I'm fluent, I can pick up on things.
  • Mac Conmara
    This is great advice even for Americans visiting different parts of the U.S..
    Don’t ask Americans who they are going to vote for. You might really trigger them. 😂
  • Kalyrie Wells
    Another thing that international folks might not have heard of is in some states its actually illegal not to pull over for a funeral procession. Usually there will be a police car leading at the front. So if you ever see a really long line of cars driving and even though it's day time they all have their lights on , pull over out of respect (also remember to never cut the line either)
    On the language issue, I hear foreigners speaking all the time about me and others in a foreign language. I began taking Spanish classes in high school and studied Spanish, German, French and Italian while in college. After living in Mexico, I became an interpreter. Be very careful with your language in America.
  • UsJoe
    I couldn't even begin to imagine how the pandemic affects your channel. Glad to see you and best wishes to you and your wonderful family. Perhaps you can address the topic vs traveling? Take care my friend!
  • GH W
    That’s really true with Americans wanting to help you out with cool places! When I once visited, an assistant at a physical therapy wrote me down all his recommendations in the greater area. In Germany nobody would do that for you 😂
  • The distances are insane. You should stop for gas when you can. Especially in less populated areas
  • Great video, thanks. The biggest mistake I made when I visited the United States for the first time was assuming that public transport works just as it does in most European countries, which is really not the case.
  • Anne Bialecki
    Thx for sharing. Having been to the US 6 times, this captured my attention. Agree with these. We always ask locals for advice, a way to find hidden gems and to chat with the locals. I have found very gregarious people on our travels. Love traveling to the US. Will be visiting again when we can.
  • Awsomecfs TC
    Another thing about driving. In certain parts of the country (especially in the midwest) if you’re on a backroad or in a small town, raise one or two fingers from the wheel when you pass someone going the opposite direction. There’s a good chance that you’ll get a wave from them even if they don’t know who you are.
  • SQuID
    I've been very fortunate to have traveled to the states on a few occasions. Couldn't agree more with "heading outside of cities". Was staying with friends in New Hampshire and my highlight was a hike in the mountains. Beautiful state. (New England states in general)
  • Lars
    America is a great place to visit. I also want to add, please don't start with politics when visiting America. First, many people are emotional about it and second, you are in no place to judge when coming from a different country.
  • Luke Year
    Pretty good video, I was honestly expecting some very generic advice, but it was actually very informative! And I totally agree with the "actually go meet the people" part, that's what I always tell foreigners visiting my country. That is always something that makes a trip worth it.

    Greetings from France!
  • patrick mcdonald
    Coming from an Irish man I have to say I really really loved the USA 🇺🇸 been there twice and can’t wait to go back it’s my favourite place to go in the world especially Memphis god bless America 🇺🇸 love from Ireland 🇮🇪
  • Joseph Demetrio
    One piece of advice I can give to tourists who come to NYC: sure, go to Times Square, but also come to Brooklyn. There are a TON of amazing restaurants in Williamsburg and Park Slope. Go to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, which is bigger than the Little Italy in Manhattan. Taking a ferry ($2.75) from Battery park in Manhattan to Staten Island or even further down to Brooklyn to see the city from the Bay and rivers. It’ll be much cheaper than getting on one of those expensive tour boats.
  • Marco C.
    I'm from Rome, but I lived in New York as a child and went back there for new year's a few years ago.
    The one thing I hate is not knowing how much you are going to pay for an item, with all different taxes and so on. So, always consider that things cost a bit more than what is on the price tag! :D
    Hey man, after this pandemic is over, my offer for a nice room and a dinner for you and your family is always valid! ;)
  • Iana Delfyette
    Mistake with new mexico visitors: New Mexico and Mexico are two different things and yes we speak English.