20 Fortnite CHAPTER 3 Secrets & Leaks

Published 2021-12-02
20 Fortnite CHAPTER 3 Secrets & Leaks
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  • @E_EYT
    I think the POI's from the chapter one map that didn't get mixed into the chapter 2 map will likely make it onto the chapter 3 map. The flintknock may be getting an upgrade because the jungle/pirate area from the chapter 1 map might be on the chapter 3 map. This would make sense because the chapter 2 map is just a mixture of the C1 map, so the remainder of the C1 map that wasn't on top of the C2 map might be on the C3 map/underside of the C2 map.

    Edit: after seeing the new map I can confirm that some parts of this theory were correct, such as old Poi's from the C1 map making it onto the C3 map
  • I’d love to see some more biomes on the map and also some new awesome skins, but I actually really want to see that no build mode that got teased a while back 👍
  • @VibrantFN
    Theory: For the map, leakers have claimed that it will have a Snow Biome. A frosty map in Season 1 won't be a surprise considering that WinterFest 2021 has almost been confirmed. New Rideable Monsters such as Dragons might be added to the Chapter 3 Season 1 map. HYPEX has further added that Seagulls will be added as the next flying animals.
  • @g-man1674
    Im very interested in seeing how Fortnite Chapter 3 will turn out including with the new weapons, features, collabs and more. Especially the map. What I do want to see in Chapter 3 is the game going a bit better and the map, locations, skins and Spider-Man. Another thing I do want to see in Chapter 3 is a new John Wick crossover for John Wick: Chapter 4 later in 2022.
  • @sb3picman619
    I really don't want anything much in Chapter 3, apart from the Season 2 Mythic Boss and the Chaos Agent storyline to continue! If they return to the story which is currently centered around The Seven, The IO, and The Cube Queen, then we know how exciting it would be to see any rivalries go through between these characters!
  • @papa_sti0655
    If you look closely, you can see a desert on the new island. It looks VERY similar to the chapter 1 desert!!

    My guess is that the entire desert biome from chapter 1 will be on the new chapter 3 map!
  • so you know how “the pyramid” was originally called “the convergence” ? well there is a glider called “convergence” or something like that from season 3 chapter 2, which has rift butterflies on it. I feel like somehow the convergence and convergence glider are connected
  • Definitely hyped for this chapter, I’ve been wanting to pull up to players on a raptor since they been added. It would be nice if we actually had the ability to melee like we get a hit speed of 0.5 and we do 20damage per hit, this could work better than pic axing ppl and combined with sliding it might even be the meta
  • @timekr
    I haven't seen the video yet, but. I have a couple guesses for the new map. In the imposter mode, there was water right above the ceiling of the place just like in the season 5 trailer, I think we were actually on the flipped side of the map in that mode, and that maybe the whole map had/has some sort of dome/ seal to keep water out. I think that in the center of the new map, is the destroyed real agency that was on a pic in the season 5 trailer. I think the foundation will take off his helmet, and we will get his skin. Titled will be on the new map, same with like 1-2 two more og locations (maybe paradise). I think we will see something new, like maybe voice lines, and that it will be storyline related(maybe because something happens to the loop with the cube queen).
  • Edit; I was wrong, the greasy grove on the map is from season x, tilted is here, shifty is there, the robot arm from when the monster ripped it into the water is there and the volcano is there as well
  • I think that chapter three should plunge the island into the Last Reality and the map would be ‘opposite.’ It’ll be like the alternate version of the upcoming Artemis map in the Last Reality.
  • @primitive8335
    The island that flips over in the trailer looks to have a sandy biome like in chapter 1 potentially giving us the old map
  • @birb3449
    What I would love to see would be upgrades for vehicles or pets like a LTM where you pick an animal and you charge to battle it's a 50/50 because they could add like Spears or sword it would be cool if animals could have like animal carriers or put armor on them or even spikes or maybe even military equipment either way it would be really cool just to see a wolf with a sentry on its back the bullets will do five damage and you do have to reload it but it has a 30 m range and accuracy is medium capital is 40 bullets
  • The IO base could actually be at the bottom of the island not just because of season 16 camera flip thing, but also because of the bunkers(you know the one that cant be opened)
  • @dertrollge
    I would love to see retail and Sweaty Sands stay, and tilted and lazy links return.
  • @tonkkk
    they better bring back the desert biome from chapter 1 because its my favorite area of all time
  • @lucam3701
    i know what the base is for. the rockets will be used to push the island down and therefore will flip the island but send a shockwave which is the big wave we saw in the trailer
  • I’m taking a guess that the foundation’s pistol that he gave Jones will be a usable weapon because jones dropped it in the zero point