China's Economy is in Bad Shape

Published 2022-10-15
In this episode we take a look at the many problems facing China's economy. How did the country end up in this position and what does it mean for the rest of the world?

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All Comments (21)
  • I love this channel so much. It’s like; “yeah the world is falling apart around you, but let me describe it in my calming voice with some chill beats in the background and totally chill you out.”
  • Pre-sales are a wild concept and I feel horrible for the people who bought into it trusting that their home would be built only to be shafted with nothing.
  • @mingfu9950
    4:19 I was one of the architects who worked on the Evergrande artificial island theme park in this video. Evergrande was inspired by the palm islands in Dubai and created a cluster of islands in the shape of a flower. The petals of the flower formed the districts, some for hotels, some for museums, amusement parks etc. I was on the team that designed one of those “flower petals”into mock villages shown here. It’s filled with imitations of various architectural styles from around the world. It was such a ridiculous experience because we all knew this was a huge waste of time and tacky af, but at least they paid back then. Now seeing it like an abandoned ghost town is truly chilling
  • @louizb123
    Everytime an organization, establishment and people in general gets obliterated, the troublemakers gets compensated with a freebie in rewards, offers to the tune of millions.
  • @TomNook.
    I'm glad you didn't go with 99% of Youtuber's "China's economy will collapse in x days" attention grabbing headlines. So many well known ones did this, the deadline past and the country is still there. China is definitely in a bad place, like most of the world, but the collapsing in x days headlines are just clickbait
  • @keithsilo9553
    Love the concluding remarks. We are always blinded by our hatred for some of these governments, forgetting about the very makeup of these nations, the people.
  • @komit66
    Watching this after literally watching 3 Major U.S. banks collapse in 72hrs
  • @molester5917
    Put this channel on when I come home from work. Super relaxing and informative.
  • @francis_n
    "It's never nice to see innocent people suffer". That last bit really touched my heart. Well said Dagogo 👍🏾
  • @ghostmoth8617
    the worst part about this is how the public have to take the fall for this, and the leaders and upper classes who caused this, won't face anything
  • @samh4333
    Can’t believe I just found this channel…I binge watched a couple of weekends ago while playing Soulstone Surviors
  • In a time of universal deceit — telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
  • @Apoc2K
    I feel really bad for the 20-30 year olds in China who are just trying to get off the ground and stumble into a housing issues, a stale job market, a stuttering economy and massive debt issues. It must be absolutely crushing, knowing you did everything right only to find yourself without any opportunities. I hope it gets better.
  • Paying a mortgage on a house that doesn't even exist yet is crazy...
  • @audioandrew13
    It’s heartbreaking seeing what is happening to the people of China with the lockdowns and economic slowdown. My heart goes out to the moms and dads just trying to get enough food and basic necessities for their families.
  • @GRASS-nh1gp
    New subscriber here.. i mean I'm sorry for being late to the party but I'm glad to have stumbled on this channel. Now I've been binged watching for hours and I can't seem to stop. I love the calm narration and the well researched topics. Well, I have always loved the Aussie accent anyway. Keep em videos coming. Now back to China, yeah, my first thought went to the people and how they must be doing right now. I hope the Chinese govt will think of its people instead of saving face. Since cat's out of the bag anyway, please do something. NOW! 🙏
  • Being in the UK & watching the dire straits of my own country, as well as a human feeling for those innocent members of the public in places like China... I REALLY appreciate your sentiment at the end. 🙌
  • @meetv7700
    The amount of research and data collection goes into one of his video is astronomical. We are lucky to have him.
  • @CodingAbroad
    I can relate to youth not bothering to work. I work so hard and still can’t afford a decent place to live.