Zedd, Alessia Cara - Stay (Unofficial Music Video) A Love Story

Published 2017-03-17

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  • LittleBigB
    Okay, I know I'm missing the point here; but the way they built an ever growing business from a wooden stand at childhood all the way to a super successful, fully-automated hotspot in there (ballparking) mid to late 30s without comprehending what they were even doing shows that they are both some of the greatest entrepreneurial minds with god-like business abilities and they're joint business could be Disney-levels of powerful before it's over.
  • sredmon81
    After 4-5 years,this is still so wholesome 🥺
    It goes from Rivalry, to love which is so adorable ✨
    Edit: ok I’ll change it
  • silence
    I love when they both realized that building up their labels to be competitors and bringing inorganic material to the world didn't benefit them at all. They subconsciously turned their already-built tension into something far worse: loss of life. Whilst building their brand and competing mercilessly, I feel like they lost apart of themselves, and it even got to a point of where their own company kicked them out. The sense of clarity they had while they looked at their neon-lit buildings and empire status was so beautiful. They saw the damage they had created, and the wall they built.
    They relinquished their businesses for the sake of building love instead.

    Alright now I'm gonna cry 😭
  • ItsFannyGamer
    I remember when I saw this video for the first time, I became obsessed with it and the song and seeing it again brings back very good memories.
  • PanDorA
    They didn't only changed the shop, they literally changed the entire village
  • A little color theory detail I love in this animation, is the use of Yellow-Purple and Orange-Blue, as these sets use colores that are opposites/compliments to each other on the colorwheel. It's really pleasing to the eye and it kinda works into the theme of Ivan and Evie both clashing but also fitting together in every way.
  • nicole dias
    Muito bonito esse clipe! Parabéns para quem fez!
  • Rabbid
    This Animation is adorable and I'm happy it ends the way it does, if they made a follow up I would watch it!
  • Imelda Pedroza
    Unos 9 años y la escuchaba a cada rato , y ahora que tengo 13 la amo
  • Nelson
    I just love their imperfections!, the new animations and shorts that show those types of characters really call me out.
  • Eu acho uma graça essa animação, o amor é um sentimento tão puro e meigo, que as vezes não somos capazes de entender :)
  • INGRIᕲ
    O que o dinheiro faz com as pessoas,mas o amor é maior que isso 💜💜💜
  • ARMY.07
    Amo amo amo essa música de vdd
  • Najjah Kaspin
    From childhood rivals to two partners in love
    Beautiful story
  • Ana Vic💛💜
    Eu como uma pessoa que ama muita coisa eu abri um espaço pra amar essa música fala sério linda maravilhosa na moral amei muito de vdd 💖💖💖💖 essa pessoa que fz essa música merece o Oscar de vdd obgda
  • Make Money
    Zedd with music as always on top, and Alessia has a very strong voice that fits very well with this song ... SUPER!
  • Ana
    De verdad esto se merece un aplauso, estuvo muy bonita la historia 👍❤️👍.