🔴 Let's build SLACK 2.0 with REACT.JS! (REDUX, Styled components & Firebase Hooks)

Published 2021-02-19
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Join me as I build a SLACK 2.0 REACT.JS Clone! (With Redux, styled components & NEW Firebase HOOKS functionality)

Get the code for my builds here: links.papareact.com/github


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00:00 Introduction
01:20 Build Showcase
03:03 Building Slack
05:21 Setting up Firebase
08:42 Starting the Build
14:25 React Router
23:34 Styled Components
32:22 Building the Header Section
53:36 Building the Sidebar Section
1:41:45 Using Redux for Sidebar
1:54:15 Building the Chat Section
2:06:44 Building the Chat Box
2:32:25 Building the Messaging Section
2:46:56 Building the Login
3:13:58 Deploying the App
03:18:00 Final Build Demo
03:19:55 Outro

DISCLAIMER: This Video is made for informational and educational purposes only. We do not own or affiliate with Slack and it's subsidiaries in any form. Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” of this video for education purposes.

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All Comments (21)
  • @yashchauhan5710
    the most loved and most valued react dev on youtube ...tyyy u changed my life , I finally got a job
  • @andyb9990
    Imma start calling Sonny 'The Mailman' because he always delivers! Thanks Sonny, I needed to work on styled components more.
  • @superjke718
    Amazing energy. I'm an experienced backend developer however relatively new to React - just over halfway and loving this build so far. Keep up the good work Sonny.
  • @ganesha3559
    Nice tutorial. Recently in our office we tried to implement a Full Office Messaging Clone with a look of Slack. Though we succeeded in making the frontend with ease (it was done in Electron React) the messaging backend engine which could perform at scale was very difficult and needed quite a lot of research. Still there are cracks! But all in all good experience.
    So the take away what i got was, frontend could be materialized easily but to make a full product it takes whole lot more than just a simple tutorial.
  • @weixing8985
    Thanks for doing this for free! I've been working as a full stack engineer for years and still can learn a lot from your video!
  • @techware4649
    It's a Good move to do your own thing, your fire is burning hot enough to last a lifetime, keep on keeping on!
  • @star3am
    Your videos are so cool and very helpful thank you! Let's crush this thing!
  • Sonny can you add segments to your videos? It will help us find sections we need when re watching it also helps you show up better in search results.
  • @rreay724
    Man I'm so glad you broke off to do your own thing. I think it's much better quality and more focused when you're solo doing your own thing. Good for you, dude and thanks for all the content.
  • @CandyMoney1000
    Holy shit.... so much better than the Clever Programmer collabs
  • @crazeislive_cil
    Hey sunny.
    Pretty awesome stuff. You are literally helping lot developers to make there careers.
    I have a small request, if you get some time please make a detailed video on ReactJs testing. I know its very important, and I am having pretty tough time on it, and I believe so does other developers.

    Thanks man for everything you are giving for free.
  • @DrewNorman
    Papa FAM is the best community in the world. and we have the best teacher. Sonny you are blessed with coaching talent. Keep up this positive energy guys. I never in a million years figured I would be able to learn this stuff so fast.
  • sonny you killed it man .You are providing awesome content . Only thing got positive in my life during this corona is YOUR VIDEOS,TUTORIALS,CLONE BUILDS and now you are deleivering the styled components
  • @nardopolo101
    Not even 10 minutes in and the energy is definitely up. You've got me for the long haul on this one.
  • whenever I get stressed out :( ,
    I watch one of ur videos and code.
    Stress gone :)
  • I have learned so much from Sonny in 2 weeks than from my Uni in 2 years
  • @setimarz
    thanks for the great content! If someone is getting this error: Module not found: Error: Package path . is not exported from package try this in the firebase.js file

    import firebase from 'firebase/compat/app';
    import 'firebase/compat/auth';
    import 'firebase/compat/firestore';

    it worked for me:)
  • I love the energy and the content , very clear explanations :D thank youuuu