Slide 2 Dollar Store baskets on a paper towel holder (BRILLIANT!)

Published 2023-03-11

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  • @Eibmozluver
    The gold basket with the Easter eggs is beautiful! If I can find the pieces at my local Dollar Tree I'm absolutely making that my weekend project.
  • I hope i can find some of those round ones at my DT. I love the shape of them and they look great on top of the candle holder with the eggs. That was very cute for Easter.
  • @birdlady8147
    I love the 1st project and u gave me a great idea to make a few of these with things from around my house or the thrift store.
  • Last basket has been shown for couple years, but nice reminder & very cute. Add lights to hang from hooks or trees, etc. Really liked the round wire basket.
  • @galeholt3757
    I will be making these...thank you. Just what I need. Like your candlestick holder base.
  • @naubaucat
    I am going to run out to my dollar tree today for those baskets, and try all three projects. Thanks for the ideas.
  • @catiegrace5792
    Super cute basket, thanks for showing us how to ✨🤗✨
  • @a---5578
    I like all of them. 🤗
    I can see the last basket on my porch. I have a hook that needs something on it.
    I think it may even look good hanging from a tree with lights on it. Faux potted floral that is wired onto the basket, so it doesn't come apart in high winds or storms.
  • @leahrowe847
    Thanks 4 listening to your audience & adding tutorials to the videos... it's very appreciated!
  • @allyneb8074
    Those first two baskets were genius. Love the basket stand too cute
  • This video is awesome! I enjoy how you slide two dollar store baskets on a paper towel holder. You showed us a cheap and easy way to store our stuff. You made me wonder what else you can do with dollar store items. I tried this hack right away. You are a magician! 🎩🎩🎩
  • Very interesting, I'm not sure if I would do it but it gives one ideas, Thanks