Slide 2 Dollar Store baskets on a paper towel holder (BRILLIANT!)

Published 2023-03-11

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  • @YouTube
    getting me ready for spring one beautiful basket at a time 🌼🌷
  • @Eibmozluver
    The gold basket with the Easter eggs is beautiful! If I can find the pieces at my local Dollar Tree I'm absolutely making that my weekend project.
  • I hope i can find some of those round ones at my DT. I love the shape of them and they look great on top of the candle holder with the eggs. That was very cute for Easter.
  • @tammy6955
    I love the basket with the wooden round! Great Idea!😊
  • @birdlady8147
    I love the 1st project and u gave me a great idea to make a few of these with things from around my house or the thrift store.
  • @allyneb8074
    Those first two baskets were genius. Love the basket stand too cute
  • @a---5578
    I like all of them. 🤗
    I can see the last basket on my porch. I have a hook that needs something on it.
    I think it may even look good hanging from a tree with lights on it. Faux potted floral that is wired onto the basket, so it doesn't come apart in high winds or storms.
  • @CulinaryPhysics
    This video is awesome! I enjoy how you slide two dollar store baskets on a paper towel holder. You showed us a cheap and easy way to store our stuff. You made me wonder what else you can do with dollar store items. I tried this hack right away. You are a magician! 🎩🎩🎩
  • Last basket has been shown for couple years, but nice reminder & very cute. Add lights to hang from hooks or trees, etc. Really liked the round wire basket.
  • Dear Mam's,

    I love the square gold basket ideas for storage and love the basket idea as the 2 tier one. I live in a 610 square ft Flat built in the 1940s and as people move out they renovate them. There are pros and cons to that as they have taken out the vanity in the bathroom and replaced it with a pedestal sink. So I haven't any storage. The bathroom still has the vintage black and white floor. I bought at the Princeton University Student Store 5 mini white crates by Sterlite I am going to wire tie together to go between the sink and the commode. I am going to get pieces of lumber cut to size to make sturdier shelves and in the sewing machine I will make little fabric bins for my soaps, extra toothpaste,. Hair brushes, etc. I want to measure for a piece of wood to go on the top long ways from the sink to the commode and somehow sturdy that down and I believe your idea for the round tier baskets can hold my small glass jars of cotton balls, make up pads, etc. I also need to organize my sewing/craft room so the square metal baskets I believe will be super handy.

    In all the places I have ever lived I always had a porch of some kind. In this new to me little home I only have my dwelling but I do love the garden fense/basket transformation . I already have 6 of the garden fence I was saving for a fot another project but now i want to make this lovely basket and put it in the middle of the table with fresh flowers in it.

    Thanks for all these great ideas!
  • @catiegrace5792
    Super cute basket, thanks for showing us how to ✨🤗✨
  • @naubaucat
    I am going to run out to my dollar tree today for those baskets, and try all three projects. Thanks for the ideas.
  • @wendybailey3169
    Very interesting, I'm not sure if I would do it but it gives one ideas, Thanks