Five Nights at JR's

Published 2022-09-11
This awesome FNAF fan game brings the Freddy's experience to a whole new level. JR's is well made and plentifully scary!
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All Comments (21)
  • Taylor Renae
    Mark choosing to do the tutorial and admitting he didn’t know what he was doing is character development 😭
  • It's crazy to think that FNAF was popular when I was a child, and now as an adult, people still talk about it. Damn
  • Shibas888
    Mark: I’ve connected the dots
    Marionette: You didn’t connect sh*t
    Mark: I’ve connected them
  • Gp-15 /4
    The models just looks absolutely disgustingly gorgeous
  • Luka 2000
    Goddamn 8 years ago we watched Mark play the originals and we are still watching him replay them and play the fan games. Never change Mark
  • Local Menace
    This is definitely even scarier than the first two FNAF games. Fangame devs are amazing!
  • i love watching Mark play games that everyone else is playing, because he’ll either fly through something everyone else struggles with, or he’ll spend two hours doing something everyone else got in 2 minutes. Never change Mark <3
  • puppz
    markiplier never loses interest in fan games, he enjoys spreading content for his fans. Love you mark. (:
  • Shoelessichi
    Props and respect to the editor WHO HAD TO GET JUMPSCARED MANY MORE TIMES THAN MARK
  • SoulFoxie
    You can definitely tell a lot of care was put into this game, after all it has been in the making for over a YEAR now
  • Andrew Exists
    I think having the jump scares last less than a second is pretty effective
    Edit: Shoutout to the absolute chads who responded "ok"
  • Ash Wain
    "Wouldn't the haunting need repairing?"
    - Markiplier 2022
  • DKsider
    It's amazing to see mark actually enjoying a fnaf game since security breach was so obviously more pain than anything else
  • OK_Berry
    Jumpscare warning list for those that would like it!

    7:27 Foxy
    9:45 Bonnie
    26:37 Puppet
    30:23 Puppet (again)

    And that's it
  • Hunter Lovejoy
    Imagine if this had multiplayer where one person would be the ghost
  • Corvixxidk
    something ive noticed with the message that notifies the player when the ghost is active is that, if it doesn't say a "new" animatronic is possessed it's very likely the ghost has repossessed the previous animatronic or one that has already been possessed once that night. hope this helps:)
  • Lolstuff enjoy
    It's insane how I was a child when fnaf first came out and the effect it had on me when I saw Bonnie's jumpscare for the first time. And now over 8 years later its still going strong. Can't wait for the 10th anniversary
  • o0Avalon0o
    Every part of this game, even the tutorial, activates that uncanny valley fear part of my brain. It was hard to even look at the thumbnail, but Marks videos are always amazing, so I clicked despite my unusual reaction. I'm glad I did but I might not sleep after this, lmao.
  • Rijstewekkie
    can we just talk about how insane the art after a jumpscare is? its honestly terrifying and amazingly well made.
  • Echo457
    the designs for the animatronics are absolutely wonderful. the human statures really make them appear farrr more uncanny and creepier than the originals imo