The Truth About Making Cartoons

Published 2021-09-04

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  • I cannot tell you how much I appreciated the fact that James gave that gorgeous background more screen time to get appreciated.
  • Tomato with a gun
    When James said, “This person is just uneducated about the animation industry and is probably a minor.” He meant, “it’s a dumb child.”
  • Nick Tani ESP
    Seeing James evolve into a smooth, more expressive characters makes me feel old yet happy
  • ToluTolX
    I love how this video is basically explaining how someone's (rather stupid) comment is invalid, but is made funny.
    Loved this lmao
  • You actually gave 5 options on how to make money by drawing: Sell your art, Draw caricatures, Sell your plasma, Take commissions, and Work for studios or a YouTuber to draw.
  • ~Høney Bees~
    As a (learning) artist......This man speaks for the whole community of art when he makes videos like this. not just himself.
  • KH Gaming
    James didn’t say “wear your seatbelt” because he acknowledges that you have grown just as much as he did and respects your ever-evolving wisdom.
  • Faris *ribbit*
    Lmao this makes a lot more sense now, I mean yea he’s right but he went out of his way to explain the video editing process just to avoid breaking the NDA with his Netflix show, that’s dedication right there
  • “It’s not being lazy. It’s being smart and getting the most mileage, the most usage out of your hard work.”

    Work Smarter, Not Harder. As a animator this hits so hard in the feels.
  • Carl_
    I’ve really wanted to do animation. I’m not allowed to have a YouTube channel till I’m 16 but that gives me 2 years to work on some ideas, make some backgrounds, make some scripts, and all that stuff. I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into these videos. And you’ve really inspired me to become a better artist!
  • Jelly_dumbcat
    8:20 James has snuck a small hint at his Netflix show coming soon in this scene. If you look at the box in front of the counter, you can see it's labeled "Oddballs." This is a referance to his show, which is also titled, "Oddballs."

    ( By the way I'm really excited for the series to drop)
  • Neil Matthews
    As an Animator on children's shows, who is currently animating said shows while watching this. You got it right on the nose good sir. Also RE-USE IS SUCH A BLESSING!
  • Iya
    I've already known this crap for a long time but I still stayed to appreciate your team's work. And good work btw—nice colors and great job keeping the animation moving as much as possible!

    People who think an anime episode is made in a week ought to check out the Legend of Aang/Korra documentaries. That series isn't anime but their animation work was next level and arguably better than anime... at the cost of artists' health, so they limited themselves while producing Voltron to keep themselves alive.
  • Swimming
    My mom used to animate for the Flinstones!!! She would do the coloring and the planning and the drawing for every OTHER frame. She was so happy to watch this and you explaining how hard it would be! That scene you added in that video for Jungle book, she colored those both. Thanks
  • Hrcky
    As someone who started dabbling into animation I now understand the full pain it causes to animate the simplest piece
  • I love how it just says “Human Sacrifice” as one of the words on the art pipeline.
  • Adam528
    now that we know he has been making a netflix show, that line about it taking 2 years to make a cartoon makes a lot more sense.
  • OnyxKing
    The Animators behind anime never have it easy.
  • Blue
    Dang no wonder James knew what went on behind the scenes of creating these shows, he's been making one in the progress of a couple years