2025 Porsche 983 Boxster EV Electric Prototype Starts Testing At The Nürburgring

Published 2023-05-05
2025 Porsche 983 Boxster EV

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Sound on! I have taken a new spy video of the next generation Porsche 983 Boxster EV during first development rounds on the Nürburgring. The Porsche Boxster EV has been caught before during winter tests in scandinavia, as you can see in my previous video    • 2025 Porsche 983 Boxster EV Prototype...   and    • 2025 Porsche 983 Boxster EV Prototype...  , but now it also started testing at the Nürburgring.

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  • @RzogL
    If they can keep the weight below 1600 kg and retain the mass distribution of a mid-engined car, it will be awesome despite the lack of engine noise. Porsche invested in solid state battery technology a few years ago, hopefully this is the first car to bring such a battery to market. Interesting that despite the lack of inlet apertures (which tells me there will be no hybrid option), the side flanks still look sculpted and muscular. I hope they retain faired-in headlamps rather than the Taycan/Revuelto/720 S/Panigale look, although I'm sure the marketing department will insist in disappointing me in that respect.
  • @scotto132
    Lots of hate here for EVs lol. Do you guys seriously think that ICE sport cars/supercars/hypercars are ever going away? No. Absolutely not. Mass market consumer vehicles? (Sedans, SUVs, Trucks, etc.) Sure, maybe. This car looks awesome, and I'm sure it's super fun to drive.
  • @Bmontepeque11
    If they make this right, we might have our first glimpse of hope for EV Sports Cars! 🧐🔥
  • @jckok3326
    how many laps can it do before the battery is out?
  • @TimothyApe
    Looks pretty fast around the corners already. I hope that is not deceptive, fingers crossed.
  • @TimothyApe
    The really improtant question is:
    Is there new battery tec in there with higher energy density, so they can keep the weight down, compared to 2019 taycan platform.
  • @f1dog
    I wonder how it will do in braking and on the skidpad
  • @Math-zl8kq
    Maybe they could improve it by fitting a flat 6 in the back
  • @csmarkham
    Should I hold out for the end-of-model-run 983 Spyder RS with 4.5L 6cyl ICE?
  • @resadrecebli2263
    Such a weird decision to electrify a car that got its name from Porsche's iconic engine
  • @csmarkham
    1:38 - There’s a Batman trying to push his way out through the trunk lid!
  • Confused since porsche is attempting to make their own carbon neutral biofuels fuel to save cars lile this, so for them to go full EV with these models is strange. Let's hope ICE lives a long life.
  • @blademanx
    But other Porsche models are hybrid like Panamera? Sad times.