The Last Dinner Party - Nothing Matters (Live) | DSCVR Artists To Watch 2024

Published 2023-11-10
Prelude To Ecstasy - our debut album will be yours on the 2nd February 2024 🍇

The Last Dinner Party - Nothing Matters (Live). An exclusive performance for Vevo DSCVR Artists to Watch 2024

It’s always good to have a plan. When the members of The Last Dinner Party were just a group of pals with musical interests and not yet full-on bandmates, they made a point of plotting almost every aspect of their pending venture. The group name, visual approach, fashion choices, level of theatricality - each turn was discussed while the LDP dreamed up the future they wanted for themselves. This was back in 2020, when the pandemic’s down time gave them plenty of opportunity to scheme. Soon after, singer Abigail Morris, bassist Georgia Davies and guitarist Lizzie Mayland would spend night after night in London clubs, assessing the acts that resonated most with them and getting the lay of the land. By the time they connected with guitarist Emily Roberts and keyboardist Aurora Nishevci, a path was clear and music began to blossom. Pop may be about spontaneity, but it’s aided by planning and craft; the ladies have said they wanted to be “fully formed” by the time they presented themselves. Last spring, after months of gigging, earning an audience, and being signed, they presented themselves to the world, and yep, “Nothing Matters” felt like the complete package - a rather unique vision that brings a fun formality to an alt-rock attitude. By this past summer, it had inched up the charts and been critically heralded as a cool new breakthrough. The band quickly put the pubs in the rear-view mirror, and accepted opening slots for Florence + The Machine and Hozier. Now “Nothing Matters” has been joined by “Sinner” and “My Lady of Mercy,” further proof that The Last Dinner Party knows what it's doing. Check the well-organized way they rock through their Artists To Watch performances - everything in its place.

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All Comments (21)
  • @joelface
    Heard this playing UNCENSORED in the grocery store the other day... and a huge smile crept over my face. Such a good song by such a good band.
  • @nstrug
    I think we need to take our hats off to Emily for operating her pedalboard in those boots. Not since the days of Dave Hill have such a majestic pair of platforms been seen on such a petite guitarist.
  • @Stoneman180190
    Abigail Morris might be one of the best front women I’ve ever seen.
  • I absolutely love the frontwoman, Abigail Morris. She's got so much natural charisma in her hand movements and that confident walk is all you want at the front.
  • @toxicallypink
    i love the theatricality they bring to their performances
  • @OHJLM
    Aside from an all around great performance, the audio engineering is brilliant.
  • @jamjar47
    I'm 60 years old ..and having lived through the 70's and 80,s music scene with some fantastic bands ,This band is by far the BEST i have heard in years ! they are original and CAN play real instruments at a superb level ! I had to listen to more of there stuff and i was blown away at how fantastic their other songs are ! 2024 WILL be the year of 'The Last Dinner Party' even their name is unusual and different :) Every great band has to have a great front man or woman ,and this band has a front woman who is original and a fantastic singer ! Loving her hippy ,gothic type dresses she wears too :)
  • @ladymanderley
    Abigail the lead vocal is so charismatic. She's got the real gift. She was born to perform
  • @tonycowin
    It's like ABBA doing Patti Smith backed by Sparks. Excellent.
  • @heronscott6910
    Sometimes fifa presents you with some insanely gorgeous hidden gems, what a song.
  • @cade3335
    i’m so in love with this band
  • @S97777
    The singer’s stage presence is incredible
  • @Milovan59
    Instant classic! A song like this had become necessary to restore popular rock music.
  • @johnseddon1182
    This is why their concerts are so good. These women really know how to play together and perform. This is now my favourite version of this song
  • @manif1c
    i come back to this religiously
  • @Frequenterable
    Going to be one of the biggest bands of the decade, I am calling it now. This, Sinner, Mercy… all unreal.