The Dish: Alaska’s remote restaurant, The Potato

Published 2022-08-13
Surrounded by America’s largest national park, the Potato is a remote restaurant in McCarthy, Alaska that requires the ultimate travel commitment. CBS News correspondent Jeff Glor checks it out.

#food #alaska #cuisine

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All Comments (21)
  • @markmiller3308
    Thanks for taking us places not many of us will ever visit Jeff! Your stories are always wonderful.

    I am from Seattle and we always get great Alaskan seafood but that salmon looks even better than we get down here.
  • @traeryoung256
    Great place and awesome food!! Becky and Ian are amazing people.
  • @d.lawrence5670
    Imagine being out in the middle of nowhere Alaska, stumbling into this place, and seeing what they served you. I'd be like "WTF? We're out in the middle of nowhere. Where did THIS come from?"
  • @michaelscot4816
    Well done piece! A chef I could work with/for...and I could still embrace my inner hermit 8 months a year! 💜
  • @petes9878
    When the stars align miracles happen. Not too many years ago, when The Potato operated out of a 'food van' things would have looked a bit different, but just as tasty. Today The Potato is the mortar that helps hold McCarthy together.
  • This place is now on my bucket list. I'm from Idaho so "The Potato" is now a priority place for me to visit. ♡
  • @adacosta38
    Just the fact that its name Potato made me knew it was gonna be good food.
  • Thank you 😊 The potato 🥔 perfect 🤩 each meal more better than the next 😂🎉❤
  • @thundershirt1
    Greetings from Ed the paramedic in NYC. Cannot recommend The Potato enough. McCarthy is indescribably beautiful. Miss you guys!
  • @nell3753
    Luv this show,. &. Looks like great place to eat!!❤️👍💖
  • @jmason61
    Badass. Starving wilderness adventure people getting this burrito would remember for life...PS down here in the (very) south it's called a California burrito
  • I just ate breakfast...BUT...I am so hungry for that burrito..It's a long flight from where I am and then a long drive..My stomach will be ready by time I get there..YUM! .Great story.
  • @lisadee1623
    Now I’m hungry! I hope to make it to McCarthy some day.
  • @gusgus8134
    I want to take a road trip to this place. Just sit and eat.