The Golden Gate Bridge Is Starting To Show Its Age

Published 2016-11-22
The Golden Gate Bridge is in need of some love and its rust is causing concern. Jeffrey Schaub reports. (11/22/16)

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  • jamal robinson
    $7 to cross what are y'all doing with all the money
  • Considering how many times it's been destroyed by alien attacks, giant monsters, disasters it looks petty good.
  • Sammich
    Gonna be honest, I remember watching a video documentary that's probably close to 10 years old that mentioned the infrastructure of the bridge was not in the best shape. People who drove across the bridge, often daily, felt like the bridge was about to collapse. I think this just adds to it that the bridge for how old it is needs some tender love and care, more then it's currently getting. If the bridge wasn't the main mode of transportation to get across, I think the city of San Fran would be in a much worse state. Nothing like boating across~
  • EvenFive
    Just in case anyone is wondering, this is still not painted.
  • Dana Danarosana
    I live in MN. I can't believe this iconic bridge continued to be neglected 9 years after our I-35W bridge collapsed into the Mississippi River! It seemed like a lesson would've been learned after 8/01/07...
  • “Spent on other projects” = “Lined the politicians pockets”
  • adrian gil
    “There’s a lot of corrosion up there,”
    “You mean rust?”
    No I mean oxidation!!
  • Age of Reason
    I was a painter for 10 years. There is no such thing as "purely cosmetic".
  • Dante
    How dare they not do everything they can to make sure that bridge is maintained in a major Earthquake area. Unbelievable
  • Puts money aside to fix bridge, uses money for something else?? Makes no sense..
  • ed p
    All of the suspender cables were replaced in the 1970s. I saw it done. To accomplish this job, a movable scaffold was installed that hung from both main cables, with a bridging section between them. This scaffold was used to attach temporary suspender cables to take the load while the original suspender cables were being removed and replaced. Why wasn't the main cables painted at this time?
  • nufaa faa
    Who else got this 4 years later in their recommended
  • StormLaker1975
    When you have a city that is more concerned with banning soda straws......
  • Dennis Cliff
    With these huge steel bridges, the typical procedure is to start prepping and painting at one end and after the crews reach the other end, they start the process anew. I wonder if they are using epoxy paint or UV resistant paint. This bridge's main problem is that it is in California where infrastructure is neglected.
  • Oliver Navarro
    This bridge is more difficult than the one shown because its always under heavy fog and not to mention the salt water. The other bridge since its inside the bay has less extreme conditions and can be coated more often than the golden gate. For this reason, We as industrial painters build containments to protect bare metal once we've sand blasted or grinder "rust" plus old paint off. Not only does the containment protect the outside world from hazards like lead particles but we can also hook up industrial Dehumidifiers (DH) and control weather conditions allowing us to apply zinc, epoxy, and eurathane coatings on dry steel even when the conditions outside are in those extremes. However the golden gate would need a scaffold to build containments in those badly affected areas. Unfortunately they can't keep up with corrosion. The world will never be able to keep up with corrosion 100%
  • Canadian Man
    10 million used in other places. Like politicians patio furniture,homes and vehicles.
  • SpaceMissile
    3:20 - Engineer: "there's a lot of corrosion there, it's real bad."
    Reporter: " mean 'rust?'"
    Engineer, being polite, "Rust."
  • Ali
    Money was “Used other places”

  • The government likes to spend all our money on everything but us 😂😢
  • Heliosphan
    I decided to visit SF and also wanted to cross the bridge. Took about an hour due to the the horrendous amounts of traffic both on the bridge and the entire Bay area. I can’t imagine living there.