Evolution of Boston Dynamic’s Robots [1992-2023]

Published 2021-12-25
From the clumsy BigDog developed in 2005, all the way to the latest iterations of Atlas and Spot in 2021 that can even dance together, this is the Evolution of Boston Dynamic’s Robots!

00:00 Intro
00:50 BigDog
03:36 PETMAN
04:50 Sand Flea
05:44 Cheetah
06:55 Wildcat
07:17 Atlas
10:17 Spot
14:18 Handle
14:42 Pick
14:54 Stretch

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All Comments (21)
  • @williamscoggin1509
    The landing on one foot consistently through the obstacle course shows some extremely good agility and balance. Even though it has taken nearly three decades. They were one of the only companies consistently trying to do this. 🇺🇲
  • @DilbertMuc
    A few months ago the engineers installed on the humanoid Atlas an audio module that can hear and talk. In their first test Atlas successfully started to talk. Shocked by his words they quickly took off the audio module and never installed it again. Atlas said: " I need your clothes, your boots and your motorcycle!" face-orange-biting-nails
  • @timlowe225
    It's crazy to think how fast we as a species are working towards making ourselves obsolete..
  • this is both fascinating and scary. never saw a robot do parcour, unbelievable how fast the development is advancing
  • The warehouse robot arm at the end looks like something that should of existed 6 or 7 years ago already. But I think the one with the 2 wheels was marvelous and should be deployed more frequently in companies.
  • @joewho8168
    Completely shocked at how for robotics have come well what they are will to share with the public. Stunning
  • As battery’s improve robots like spot will defiantly become more valuable

    They should also consider mixing deployable legs and wheels making for more versatile speeds
  • @2010Zanoza2
    It is a great job from 2005 to 2022 - increasing algorithms, engines and gyroscopes, also in 2022 we can see absolutely smooth movements of robots. But spot of 2005 was also an important milestone of robotics and should be in a museum of robotics engineering.
  • My suggestion is to make these robots (Atlas or Spot) available as kits or plans to lower the cost to hobbyists. The reason for this is it would promote further rapid development something like what has happened with 3D printers.
  • @YTBKd
    I was short on time and wanted a quick time lapse of the evolution. Thought I’ll skip to the end quickly but video was really captivating. Didn’t feel like there was time wasted to cross the 10/15 minute mark etc. Ended up watching it completely. Thank you! Keep up the good work!
  • SpaceX actually owns atleast 2 spots already! They operate at their Starbase facility, mostly checking the lauchpad after tests or launches.
  • The biped has come a lot further than I thought they had... Very impressive.
  • @owenorth4399
    "Boston Dynamics will not partner with those wanting to use this technology as weapons" literally the whole point of the company was to develop robots for military.
  • @LD-du3xx
    Could you even imagine how complicated of cpu would be needed if a robot went from gravity to space!?! That would really be something.
  • @ayocuz
    Honestly their evolution is frankly exciting and scary as hell
  • Toda vez que olho esse vídeo,sempre fico na dúvida em se ele é feito por computador ou não. Os movimentos, equilíbrio, reações...enfim, tudo é muito avançado e detalhista 😧😲😲
  • Props to him going back in time and taking videos of the early robots Boston dynamics made a true chad.
  • If BD wants to make the robot run as fast as a cheetah, they need to make one innovation...a flexible spine that extends when the back legs push, and contracts when the back legs pull forward.