(ENG/JPN) [내친방] ?납량특집? 엔하이픈(ENHYPEN)과 10층 귀신(?)의 대환장 만남!┃#내친구가방송국에산다2┃EP.17

Published 2021-06-10
오늘따라 음산한 기운이 맴도는 드림센터?
땡지의 아지트에 땡지의 모습은 보이지 않고 ((☉_☉))

같은 시각? 내친방 촬영을 위해 걸음을 옮기는 ?엔하이픈?
여기가 바로 파라다이스?
촬영은 뒷전❗ 먹고! 놀고! 마음껏 휴식을 취하는 멤버들ꉂꉂ(ᵔᗜᵔ*)

정신없이 시간은 흘러가고
선우와 제이는 안마의자를 찾아 힐링을 하는데♬
그 순간! 안마의자방에서 들려온 비명소리(?)?
그곳에서 맞닥뜨린 ‘그것?’의 정체는..!!?
방송국에 사는 미스터리 친구, '땡지'의
아이돌 친구 만들기 프로젝트
#내친구가방송국에산다 시즌2!
★매주 (목) PM 6시! ALL THE K-POP 방송★

#내친방 #엔하이픈 #ENHYPEN
#땡지 #영지 #납량특집
#쇼챔피언 #Secretfriendofidols #SHOWCHAMPION #내친방2

All Comments (21)
  • @dusk9310
    Don't scare Jungwon, you will get kick straight in your face.
  • @bluepepper1502
    Sunoo is so scared but he still managed to say "annyeonghaseyo" 😂
  • @dangene6574
    If EN-o'clock will do a horror special, bet our 02z won't survive. Imagine Jay screaming the entire time while Jakehoon will run for their lives. lol
  • Jake did not just complained over a 2 dollars necklace when his tuition fee is literally 2 million won😩
  • Lets pray for Jay and Jake's soul. Suddenly remembered i-land memories
  • @Elle-nn8xe
    sunoo: oh there's mintchoco rest of enhypen: toothpaste
  • @_greenbean09
    Sunoo's face when he saw Teng Jee is HILARIOUS HAHAHAHA
  • @maiamejiag
    Sunoo and Jay when they are together is so funny, I can't stop laughing
  • @dusk9310
    Praying for Jake and Jay's souls.
  • @dubusjy7183
    JAKE once said "I'm not afraid of ghost" lets see 😩
  • Enhypen in haunted house be like: JAY: screaming all the time YAAAAAA especially when smth touch him. Sunoo: making terrifying faces and lost his voice bc of screaming, poor baby Niki: grabbing in heeseung's arm and can not move forward. Heeseung:closing his eyes and pretending to not be scared infront of niki. Jake: cant even make a step in crying bc sunghoon left him alone.. Sunghoon: regreting that he left jake and thinking about what will happen to him, screaming loud like AAAAAAA and being a drama queen. Jungwon:dolphin screams and the one who's trying to collect his members
  • @jansyook8951
    6:31 SUNOO asked JAY to come with him where massage chair was placed, JAY didn't hesitate to left his ice cream and join Sunoo awee
  • @jimkyfication
    Jake the wanderer. Jungwon the book finder. Ni-Ki being hella unbothered by his surroundings, because pool is life. Sunghoon never knowing his tarot reading. Heeseung being calm during an intense Tekken. And it really had to be Sunoo and Jay who got scared 😂 it's fate.
  • Another edition of Heeseung ace anything And then a ghost appear.
  • @dnllrncs98
    4:09 I really love how Sunghoon stayed with Sunoo even dough he got bored while waiting for Sunoo's tarot result. It's so funny and cute. He just suggested to play jenga instead.
  • I love how they all went immediately to check on Jay and Sunoo when they heard them screamed , they really care for each others
  • @jennyodarve11
    Let's pray for Heeseung's lost pride after loosing a game from a ghost HAHAHHA
  • @zhy4723
    Sunoo is cute eventhough he's scared
  • @seo_hooni9742
    Sunoo's acting lol🤣 , after he shouted and when the ghost told her to not tell the other he followed along and when Jake,Sunghokn and Jungwon came he said the chair is good 🤣🤣 I want the members to do a parody of a popular kdrama