NFL "Rookie vs Rookie" Moments

Published 2022-07-02
When rookie players from the same draft class go at it on a play. Thanks for watching! Subscribe if you enjoyed this video, It means a lot!

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  • that Stokes/Chase matchup was a fun one to watch, a week after Ja went down with injury. Obviously Chase won the day, but Stokes showed a ton of promise and improved like crazy throughout the year, can't wait to see Stokes progression this year with Ja back in the secondary.
  • @My_Naginta
    That first clip with Surtain and Smith is complimentary to both of them since that was the only TD Surtain allowed last year!
  • @kameron2635
    Yall can't even lie that CeeDee clip was 🔥🔥🔥😭
  • @justinb3209
    That Henry Ruggs guy looks good, bet he has a bright future ahead of him!
  • @dad7335
    That 2020 football team dline was absolutely nuts and fun to watch I hope they can bring it back this year
  • @metcalfszn
    nfl time to retire moments

    for example when ben rothlesburger tripped on a blade of grass😂😂😂
  • NFL- “WR playing DB”

    Bad passes thrown so the WR has to play DB to knock the ball out… example: Julio Jones basically hitsticking that one DB after an almost INT, or OBJ after a terrible pass by Baker.

    Keep up the great vids ❤️
  • Seeing Surtain getting moss'd by Smitty is one of my favorite rookie plays! Devonta got that dawg in him.
  • @BigLouJo_XVI
    Great video, Ding! Looking forward to part 2 coming soon!
  • @rahrah206
    I really like chase young as a player, very dominant on the field
  • @Whiteasian56
    Greg Newsome and Stokes definitely have bright futures ahead of them
  • @tall_midget17
    Greg Newsome was owning Chase in that game 🔥🔥🔥
  • @gimfish
    NFL "Legend vs Legend" moments
  • I need help how do i make a vid like your's like where do i get the footage and do i get copyrighted if i do so