Published 2019-04-05
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Cody Ko

All Comments (21)
  • elvina
    I would like a conversation between that girl and girl defined
  • just that bitch
    to be honest i thought energy o’s were a cereal. this came as a surprise.
  • Dunja Softic
    How Cody laughs at Noells jokes is actual food for my soul.
  • Anindya
    The fact that Noel pronounced "Satya" better than the man named Satya himself lmaooo good on ya my racially ambiguous king
  • Samwise Gamgee
    That lady's "kissing" looked like the most uncomfortable, disgusting type of kissing in the world.
  • Deedock
    “What’s the g-spot”
    “Oh that’s where all the gamers hang out”
    I literally could not stop laughing for a while
  • Abby Wolffe
    The funniest part is her channel has the same general aesthetic as a DIY YouTuber
    She's got the same quirky music and pretty text and she makes same gestures
    Like the way she said "Soft penises" is the same way LaurDIY would say "10 Back-to-school Hacks"
  • Tristen
    Glad i’m not the only person that thought “Energy Os” was a cereal.
  • Kalle Mattila
    ”His softness” sounds like a royal title that no one wants to inherit.
  • Tbh hearing Noel's jokes right now makes me fear the unheard Noel jokes.
  • Rrpappas0
    tell me why i thought energy O's was a cereal...
  • 0wen
    When cody hits 5 mil he should make a compilation of all of noel’s censored jokes
  • Mustafa Safi
    Petition for Cody and Noel to release all of Noel's censored jokes during quarantine
  • GraceAnn Lesser
    why has no one commented about how attractive noel’s jacket is
  • Noah Pettibon
    I had an exgirlfriend that was really into these. When I realized what the topic of this video was, I had to mentally prep and laugh for a full minute before resuming. Wow that was cathartic.
  • A_Saggy_Bust
    “That’s cringe” is honestly some of the best content on YouTube
  • Bram Simonnet
    "that is a full on salami"

    proceeds to keep staring