Published 2023-09-17

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  • @LazarBeam
    Amazed you were able to score against my insane defensive skills
  • Chris just sat there laughing at his best mate getting horribly injured for the billionth time is the sort of content I needed tonight
  • @bigted6351
    The event itself was incredible, but gotta give huge credits to Stephen and spencer, they absolutely smashed the commentary
  • @YouTube
    what a performance from you chris! 🔥
  • @Stellaaack
    Chris seriously carried the team and had a great goal. If Theo hadn't gotten injured I think you guys had a good chance at winning ❤
  • Chris was the only one on his team that knew what he was doing after Theo got injured 😂
  • @Jerry.Y.S
    I love how Chris just skips the part where his car carried the match ball out😂
  • @asbrown1936
    We need more reaction videos from Chris they are literally the best, he always seems more comfortable and himself, not just trying to keep view retention
  • @Gyro096
    Wow haven’t see Chris in a video like this a while. Like it’s literally been over two years since he’s made a video with nobody else in it and three since his last reaction video. This really brought back some great memories. Keep this up
  • @Abdul2604_
    The real man of the match!! Incredible performance running a midfield on your own after Theo & Filly's injuries.
  • @ethanrichards
    Chris lad!! More Sunday league clips and reactions please! We love these type of videos. Great charity match goal too!
  • @izzyyaye3318
    Chris laughing at his best friend getting injured just cracks me up. Hope Theo’s okay tho ❤️
  • Love that you feel the passion to make simpler videos and not strain yourself for perfection. These commentary videos are class man; keep it up!
  • @jaygi7865
    Anyone find it nostalgic seeing Chris make a charity match video after all these years
  • @I_Am_Fallguy
    Well done Chris 🎉🎉🎉 You were incredible in the match ❤❤❤❤
  • Chris I honestly love these videos mate, keep up the good work with these!!!
  • @Wingr
    I'm so happy for Ethan. Scored first goal and got to raise the trophy as a West Ham fan.
  • I miss this style of video from Chris, the new high production videos with five other people are also great but these are so nostalgic and enjoyable
  • absolutely amazong to be there and what a goal chris fair play you absolutely dominated the game