Avatar Frontiers of Pandora Lenovo Legion Go - Initial testing

Published 2023-12-07
Trying out Avatar Frontiers of Pandora on the Lenovo Legion Go.

Testing didn't go well. At the lowest settings, and 800p, plus with 30 watt tdp and with FSR 3 frame generation this game did not feel smooth to play.

I am going to try this on my ROG Ally to see if it is a device issue or just a poorly optimised game.

It's a shame, the first section of the game inside the base was fun and performed well, but as soon as you get out into Pandora performance is not great.

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  • @DJCJ999
    We need optimisation for all handhelds... hopefully it will come.
  • So according to video by, "Games In Hand." I guess the official bios is on the lenovo site now. I think drivers too, and something about adrenaline and a battery saver feature and optimizations for Avatar
  • The video is the latest one with thumbnail, "Huge giveaway" because also mentions The Game Awards giving away 100 Legion Go's tonight and links. Only 3 1/2 hours so hopefully people that don't know see this
  • @toka9708
    I'm curious how Heroes 7 works on legion go and asus rog ally
  • @andrejs9443
    Hey.. question.. Lenovo Legion Go in all games work like you have? microfreezes