4.5 Billion Years in 1 Hour

Published 2023-11-10
Learn more about how complex life evolved with our new, elaborately detailed Timeline of Evolution Poster.
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Earth is 4.5 billion years old - which is approximately the same amount of time it took us to create this video.
We’ve scaled the complete timeline of our Earth’s life into our first animated movie! Every second shows about a million years of the planet’s evolution. Hop on a musical train ride and experience how long a billion years really is. It’s the perfect background for your next party, a great way to take a break from studying, or a fascinating companion while you’re on the go … and our celebration of 10 years of kurzgesagt.

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0:00 Intro
0:51 Hadean
8:04 Eoarchean
13:20 Paleoarchean
18:35 Mesoarchean
23:51 Neoarchean
27:47 Siderian
30:24 Rhyacian
33:42 Orosirian
36:58 Statherian
39:38 Calymmian
42:15 Ectasian
44:52 Stenian
47:30 Tonian
51:12 Cryogenian
52:18 Ediacaran
53:35 Cambrian
54:17 Ordovician
54:49 Silurian
55:08 Devonian
55:55 Carboniferous
56:43 Permian
57:21 Triassic
58:02 Jurassic
58:46 Cretaceous
59:48 Paleogene
1:00:21 Neogene
1:00:38 Quaternary

All Comments (21)
  • @kurzgesagt
    Learn more about how complex life evolved with our new, elaborately detailed Timeline of Evolution Poster.
    Available only on the kurzgesagt shop here: shop.kgs.link/timeline
  • @Jeracraft
    I love this so much, took me 10 million years just to write this comment!
  • @eduverse1948
    It is a privilege to have access to such great content for free. Being alive is more worthwhile thanks to videos such as this. Thank you Kurzgesagt in a Nutshell, your efforts make the world a better place❤
  • The music in this is god-tier. The way the leitmotif established right at the start is reused and remixed throughout, all the different moods and beats, the way each piece flows seamlessly into the next... I would listen to this as an album by itself ngl, it's a masterpiece
  • @ryen4020
    This would be an insane live wallpaper on a computer
  • @eruseayt9244
    this video is probably one of the best things i have ever seen

    im watching the earth grow up, and seeing life transform into something familiar, once the video goes into the cretaceous era, it gets so serene and peaceful, esepecielly with the words "we are almost home"

    the earth is so beautiful
  • @LizzyDidntDoIt
    The instrumentals in this is so good. This channel is like PBS for stoners 😅 I just wanted to say thank you for this. It is both a visual masterpiece and gives a cool beat to “life” to. It’s incredible and I play it during studying for veterinary school. And sometimes I just play it because it’s pretty to look at 😅
  • @DeanRyan0241
    I watched this with my 4-years old nephew, Isaac for the whole one hour and I hope this video does give him the power to stay curious!

    Surprisingly he sticks to the whole course, and how cute right to have kid of such age asking a lot of Why questions about world.
  • @sarcastichearts
    incredible that this was free to watch. seriously gorgeous, such an impressive piece of work. thank you, kurzgesagt!
  • @ChrisForThought
    this is an instant classic. coming back here every day for when i'm doing emails/ any tedious tasks
  • @dorahurtado5739
    This is without a doubt the best channel on YouTube, seriously.
    I can't thank you enough for all this work that you bring to us for free. It really is insane.❤
  • I'm imagining the team who edited this video in every second and I was surprised by how brilliant you guys are. I appreciated everything that you guys made!!!
  • @LukasCech
    The Mesoarchean had some really good music too!
  • While watching, I kept reminding myself that 1 second is actually 1.5 million years! So many years that just seem like nothing happened.
  • @mj.ray0898
    It always fascinates me when these massive numbers are put into a comprehensible scale. Nearly an hour long and all of human history fits into about 2 seconds right at the end. We really are so cosmically and chronologically small, and I don't really know how I feel about that...

    Thanks so much to everyone at Kurzgesagt for this, must've taken ages.
  • @Gnoggin
    Today just got a whole lot better.