Daring Faith: How To Get Ready For A Miracle with Rick Warren

Published 2015-03-30
www.saddleback.com/daringfaith – There are times in your life when you need God to turn a little into a lot. Whether it’s time, money, energy, or talent, you may need God to multiply what little you have. In part two of Daring Faith, Rick Warren uses the miraculous story of feeding the 5,000 to show how putting your faith in God turns a little into a lot. In this message, you’ll learn four ways to prepare for God to perform a miracle in your life. Discover how acting in faith and giving what little you have to God brings miraculous results to situations you thought were impossible or unsolvable.

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  • Hendry Chi
    God can raise a person from the death, He can raise a dead relationship. Amen.
  • Ryan Harrington
    "God has the answer long before I know what the problem is." Amen, Pastor Rick!
  • More faith means more blessings. Faith is the instrument that unlocks the power of God to us all.
  • IMG2190
    This videos are helping me so much and now I'm working to restore my faith thank you yso much May god bless you for all you do pastor Rick 😊
  • Alice Limao
    Thank you for uploading these videos! I live far ( FAR ) away from the Saddleback church and being able to keep up with the projects you're doing online is really great
  • Kingdom Citizen
    Thank you for your message it is encouraging to my circumstances that I'm in right now, I'm trusting God, many blessings :-)
  • Dámaris Sáez
    There is so much Joy when we give everything to our dear Lord. When we give money we are very sure that our Daddy is going to give us all that I need because we don’t trusts in our payments but in our God. 😃😃😃😃
  • Benita
    Love the honesty and practicalities of this sermon! Thank you
  • Patrice Marie
    "God's Ways Are So Far Above Our Ways!" ..... Amen .... Pastor Rick!
  • Kate Torgerson
    I really appreciate your dedication to PEOPLE over BUILDINGS. I have been part of churches that had the opposite focus and just wanted butts in seats - they became shallow and fruitless!
  • SE Maceren
    Thank you for this. It really helps us growing our faith. God bless you! keep inspiring. :-)
  • John Behneman
    Thank you so much. I want and need a miracle in my life as well.
  • Gerry Villegas
    I receive your miracle s in my life in Jesus name amen amen
  • Edward Tobing
    I have your book Porpose driven life , it is to improve my faith to God.. thank you pastor Rick..
  • Hajah Kalobwe
    Best lessons on giving I've heard so far....for the first time I have come to know that giving out of pressure and guilt is not right...I will give joyfully...hilarious 🥰🥰
  • Servant of JESUS
    God is an amazing God,gives to His kids all they NEED koz He is an awesome God and loves <3
  • PeaceFan1
    AMEN!! You CANNOT OUT Give THE LORD!!!! HE is SOO LAVISH in HIS Generosity towards us!!!!! We are SOOO RICH in CHRIST!!!