Apex cucks Warzone

Published 2021-09-12

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  • Sir Cats Meow
    That last scene is spot on.
    Apex isn't AS infested as the others, but it's on thin ice.
  • Jplanas98
    Him placing the armor plates in while crying had me dying
  • Alex Davila
    Everyone who plays warzone is just so fucking good. They never miss their shots. They always know where you are. They always get the drop on you. They always have the best recoil so they can beam you from 200m in 1 second.
  • JustSpoti
    “This is lowkey sad…”
    “NO CAP!” Obliterates COD with shotgun
  • Kvng Atlas
    love how he's aware literally everyone has a heartbeat sensor
  • Mirko
    Using Cpt. Price as the model for the cucked Warzone was just overkill man.
  • Gatorkid365
    Love the fact he went down and was just TRYING to get away
  • Chewee4ever
    Player to warzone: you’re just too infested with cheaters

    TF2: first time?
  • Milney
    0:09 I like how he just gets extra pockets out of nowhere 😆
  • “This is low key sad, no cap” the cringe 10 yr old WZ lingo is on point. Love it.
  • JamesJ422
    "This is low key sad" how are you guys so on point with the humor? Love it
  • K Note
    Warzone: in a late and futile last ditch effort "I'll get rid of em!! I'LL GET RID OF EM, I SWEAR!!!!!"

    This meme hits home, I approve. Too little too late, the players left for greener pastures. When your killcam shows your killer X-raying through the wall and you can watch streamers showcasing their cheats, you know it's bad.
  • Luciano Martinez
    This dude really has a break-action, pump-action double barrel shotgun 😂😂😂

    At least he didn't fire both shots at once.
  • Dennis Goyena
    Apex getting caught in 4k with a bug at the end was PERFECTION AND EPOKNESS
  • Oc Airsoft
    I would have loved to seen a gulag cut scene.