The Movie That Was Too Scary for Baby James

Published 2017-05-05
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Here it is folks. The longest video on this channel. And it's about a well made movie from the 80's that consisted entirely of puppets. And it was able to scare me even to this day. Jim Henson was amazing.

I gave this person (fanboy flicks) a shoutout at the begining of the video. He makes good videos talking about bad moveis. I like him ➤

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  • @simplymaggie123
    When Jen said “I’m not ready to go alone…” and ad popped up and said “I get it, commitment is hard.” 😂
  • @user-cj5zf1rc1d
    Bro I literally want James to just watch movies and explain them to me. He can tell stories in such a way that keeps me interested.
  • @nyx9590
    18:40 - 19:12
    The way James gave examples of why Kira should’ve been the chosen one is the exact same way of why some people thought the side character was than the Main character when they first got into the show
  • @Stitchpunk
    For me, it’s the movie “9”. It scarred me at the age of 3 thanks to the horrific imagery and dead bodies, years later and now it’s my all time favorite movie
  • @user-ym8hy5fe7x
    If I was in Jen’s position, I would’ve taken all of the crystals with me and try them all XD
  • @wotseirname8153
    Honestly, The Dark Crystal was one of my favorite movies as a kid, and it kind of hurts to watch this.
  • I love how “crystal” is listed as one of the words that Jim Henson made up for the movie
  • @sabrinadetchon1005
    The inclusion of the Death Note clip made me laugh a bit. The voice actor who played Light in the English dub of Death Note is Brad Swaile and The Dark Crystal is actually his favorite childhood movie! The one video where James includes Brad's voice is the one coincidentally criticizing Brad's favorite movie.
  • actually, during the Skeksi dinner scene, Aughura does mention in a throwaway line that she is the mother of Raunip, but I will admit it was easy to miss.
  • @pinion29
    The first movie that ever scared me was Requiem for a Dream. It didn’t scare me because it was a horror film, it scared me because it’s disturbing and it made my brain eat itself from the inside.
  • @lillian2037
    James: “why does the crystal react to flute music!!?”
    Also James: (shows a recorder)
  • @eeveejax220
    I didn't have nightmares from movies as a kid because of the horror, I only had nightmares about the ones that got intimate that I got a peek of. Oh, and Men in Black, that's about it.
  • @user-zi2kc1ve3u
    Kira: saves lives and kinda the world
    Jen: plays flute to a crystal
  • @fk8476
    I find it really clever and cool how they make the puppets,I bought The dark crystal for £1 in a charity shop,I thought it was a short film,and thats what annoyed me a little,but you gotta give it to em' .They spent 5 years making it.
  • @writerinrwanda
    Truth. The Dark Crystal was terrifying. Also, English bedtime stories and fairytales were brutal. They were mostly designed to stop children from doing things like swimming near waterweed (Jenny Greentooth), walking around at night (Black Annis) and going for a walk with your stepmother (Children of Lir) - the implication being that if you do anything remotely out of the ordinary, you will die. Nuff said.
  • @lazyfandombean
    I watched this movie when I was like six and the slave-draining part still haunts my memories 🙃
  • I remember seeing the movie when I was 7 and it was followed by the labyrinth, I was scared of them for the next 3 years, tho now I'm older, and have mad respect for Jim Henson, to just think of worlds like that and bring them into existance.
  • I watched this movie a few months ago against my will while I was sick, and I honestly thought it was a fever dream. Not sure if I prefer it this way or not
  • 23 minutes of James pretending that he doesn’t love Dark Crystal
  • @rosieleaverton
    Okay, so I've watched the movie now, and I think I understand why the crystal likes music. The crystal is the thing that joins the two creatures at the end, and it's shown that the "good guys" have a special call where they all harmonize with each other. When Jen blew the flute, it made a tone very similar to that call, and it makes the crystal glow because it recognizes it.