Unicorn Hair Cut BUT BETTER | How I cut my curly hair

Published 2022-11-29

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  • @julievenus3670
    Just friendly older woman advice. I'm 65 with long curly hair ( a little longer than yours and as damaged) and dyed my hair for at least 30 years because of greying hair. I spent a mini fortune on products in hopes of making my hair healthy, but hair dyes completely damage one's hair - especially curly hair. I finally stopped coloring my hair cold turkey over 5 years ago. Ohh how I wish I had never started using dye and just accepted my beautiful natural silvers and other hues of those colors. The grow out was beautiful, like a natural bayolage. If you stop the hair dye, you would be amazed at how healthy and curly your hair would be. That said, I've also NEVER found anyone who could cut curly hair, and I've been cutting my own since I quit coloring, and the unicorn cut really does a great job! 👍
  • Nice. I've been doing the second step for years. It gives a really nice shape to the hair.
  • @louiseisobel
    omgee... my hair was like this... i added protein back with egg mask... and over night oil treatments for moisture xoxox |(i also try to only shampoo my scalp now... it is going ok) AND I LOVE YOUR CUT!!!
  • @susanh1205
    You should always comb your hair from the bottom and do bit by bit working your way up. Starting from the roots and pulling the comb down might be contributing to the damage.
  • I also want to say THANK YOU, the unicorn cut really does a great job!
  • @catlady6938
    Thank you for this, I have curly hair and the last two times I have not liked what my hairdresser did so I am going to cut my own hair, I did cut it myself a few years ago but stopped. You have given me inspiration.
  • @julieg7647
    I've been cutting my own curly hair since high school,, sometimes it would turn out good, other times not so much. But I've learned some things and saved $$$
    When I've gone to a hairdresser half the time my hair doesn't come out the way I wanted it to. But when I do the research and cut my own hair its always 100% the way I want it.🙂
  • Cutting off badly damaged hair is so satisfying you did a good job looks great
  • @vivianf5386
    I pretty much cut my hair the same way except for the front ponytail. I just pull the hair forward and try to even it out.
  • @quaggy85
    Modified unicorn cut makes for a babushka appearance. Whereas the regular unicorn cut, I assumed meant that the hair looks like a unicorn's tail drapped over the head. Didn't realise it was the horn part 🦄🙃

    The results look great! 😍
  • @ModelA
    So they still make the "No more tangles" spray? When I was a little kid, my friend had very long curly hair. Her mom used that spray on her hair before combing and it would comb smoothly. Made her hair shiny too.
  • @mrycstl9633
    Oh my gosh, that looks just like my hair. Except mind's down to my butt.
  • Hi there,
    You need to start at the ends with your comb, and then work your way up to detangle your hair.
  • I saw this haircut first on television about 50 years ago. It was a do it yourself shag. I have always wanted to do it but never had the guts. Maybe it is time...