Learn How To Let God Meet Your Needs with Rick Warren

Published 2017-02-06
saddleback.com/goodness — What’s causing you to worry? More than anything, worry affects your health, relationships, and overall well-being. But God says you don’t have to worry — he promises to meet all your needs if you trust him. So, how do you do that? In this message at Saddleback Church, Pastor Rick Warren shares the 4 things you need to do to let go of worry in your life. You’ll learn how to overcome your stress and trust God in all circumstances. This is the perfect message for anyone feeling anxious and looking for peace.

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(God's Goodness) (Goodness of God) (God is Good) (All the time God is good) (Good God) (Good Life) (Living in Goodness) (Live the Good life) (Do not worry) (How to deal with worry) (God meets your needs) (God knows your needs) (Give your worries to God) (Pray) (Trust God) (Good God) (Good Father) (Psalm 23) (Psalms) (Hope is anticipating God's goodness) (Rick Warren) (Pastor Rick) (Pastor Rick Warren) (Saddleback) (Saddleback Church) (Saddleback 2017)

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  • @Jusyna24071981
    I finally found my favourite Pastor- so genuine, authentic, warm person teaching so beautifully about God. I have been more peaceful since I started watching your sermons. God bless you. Justyna from London
  • @showandtell1313
    ''if Hes gonna carry you to Heaven, He will carry everything else while ur here on earth.'' i need to say this to myself daily 🙌
  • @mandyvelez_
    "Worry is worthless" I keep repeating this to myself today. Thank you pastor Rick!
  • @TheWisdomCouch
    wakes up at 5am after 3 hours of sleep .... listens attentively to the message that describes my current season
  • Pastor Warren, thank you for accepting my prayer request when I called your church last February or March. I am conquering my addiction and winning in life with God on my side.
  • @german_acosta
    The best message for a 31th of December... Tomorrow starts a new year! 🥳🎉
  • @Grace-uz6sf
    Definitely needed to hear this. Been in this season of waiting on the Lord and all I've been doing is praying, reading the bible, self-care, etc, and seeing everyone around me occupied with work, school, and other activities sometimes makes me feel like I'm not doing enough to glorify Him, or that I'm being lazy, but this was definitely confirmation that I'm exactly where He needs me to be. I've had a super exhausting and traumatic year and gave my life to Christ just 2 months ago, so He's definitely just emptying out that love I still have for the world. His goodness is all that matters, not my works :)
  • @tommy5969
    The Lord is my Shepard and I will for ever serve him.
  • @birdgirl10
    So good! I suffered from chronic anxiety from the time I was 7 to about 16. Through God's grace He has delivered me. Although I still do get anxious, I rest in knowing that God is good and He is in control. God promises to sustain us no matter our need.
  • @helinagirma8410
    One of the best teachers of the Bible. Pastor Rick, thank you for feeding my spiritual journey with the word of God with such an ease and understandable way. You are a blessing to many. God bless you
  • @daniel.adeyemi
    Worry is assuming a responsibility that God never intended for you to have
  • Thank you for sharing Incredible Message. Learned a lot in last Ten Years. I wish we have these teaching s in hindi for our Indian brothers and sisters. Please pray for us as we Making him known among our people in India.
  • @1960genius
    I've been binge watching these videos. Thank you!!
  • @irenemallas7120
    Favorite paster, very real, energetic, includes everyone, helps me want to not only keep going, God knows everything and how to handle everything. I have him to thank for all he does. I want to be a Christian warrior, and do whatever I can. To tell people how wonderful it is to be a Christian God Bless you all
  • This is so good to hear, Rick. You speak so much sense. I need to put this into action! Thank you!
  • @kianlaguno7645
    Thank you pastor this my best message i ever heard.praying i can put all my worries to God.and make God my priority.
  • @angelflower176
    I watch all these videos and i love Rick and Kay Warren,thank you guys!! love Jess in Canberra,Australia