XO Kitty is the weirdest show...

Published 2023-05-25
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All Comments (21)
  • GuineaBeebys
    It felt like they put every kdrama, wattpad, teen movie, fanfic, YA romance trope in a single show… but yes I still binged it lmao
  • Laura Sofía
    Calling a lesbian character "Yuri", specially in an East Asia-based story, will never be unfunny.
  • sam lee
    Is it just me or the series just NEVER ended up telling us the actual reason why the principal acted like she didn’t know kitty’s mom?
  • Did non of the other students find Kitty talking to Alex weird? I understand wanting to talk to an international adult, but the frequency with which she chose to sit with him instead of other students was alarming.
  • Louise Eriksson
    When Kitty decides to stand up for herself by literally get up and stand on the table in the cafeteria, I had to leave my living room.
  • Red
    Alex doing research on Sapphics and then making sure the joke isn't offending is actually the funniest thing he's ever done
  • Mariana bonina 2
    I still think the most surprising thing about this show is the fact that kitty and dae dated for 4 years
  • bummie
    the part about korean people portraying other cultures TERRIBLY in their media is SO accurate LMFAOOOO. if they were to portray korean schools correctly, the bullying would be HORRIBLE for kitty because she's a foreigner who's not conventionally attractive by their standards.
  • Omni Audient
    “She’s into Yuri for a while” that is a hilarious sentence. Because even if it wasnt a characters name it would still work the same way
  • Sihom Shukri
    as cringey as this show was, i was so invested, AND the plot was good, but it was a good “summer” show, a little kidish show was something i desperately miss. and this was a good start!
  • tee
    one thing that annoyed me the most (other than the fact that kitty did not bother to learn korean and more about the culture) was that they included dae's family life, and then just forgot about it? like the plotline with his little sister and the ripped shoes was so sweet... and the scene where yuri spent chuseok with dae's family? so good!! it was a much better side plot than the others tbh, and i wished the show explored the class dynamics between dae and his friends(and kitty, too), esp since dae's dad was yuri's dad's chauffer.... so much wasted potential in this show 🫤
  • Teddy Oof
    The show was REALLY cringey but after getting in to it i couldn’t Stop watching because of how dramatic and crazy the plots were. It kept me entertained 😭
  • Bookwyrm
    XO Kitty is the most bizzare combination between a disney channel show and a k-drama and it only kind of works...
  • Mekenze Walden
    To be fair Minho and kitty are actually super cute cuz he was the only one that actually built chemistry with her while everyone else was so forced
  • heisenberg
    one of the unrealistic things i found about this show was how kitty had learnt no korean before coming to KISS i mean she was all ready with the presentation and scholarship and stuff, her learning Korean would've just made more sense
  • Sakshi Pakhide
    According to this show all it takes to fall in love is have a sex dream about that person 🤦‍♀️
  • Natalie
    I just realized that when Kitty was in the car with Yuri heading to KISS that Dae’s dad, Yri’s driver never knew about Kitty and Dae’s relationship because if Dae had told him about Kitty he would have recognized her right away. That means for 4 whole years Dae’s father never knew about anything where as Kitty’s family always knew about Dae. That’s some sus behavior.
  • Lill B
    Everytime Alex called a show "the weirdest show" you just know he lowkey enjoyed watching it!
  • anushka977
    I also loved that teenagers weren't being over sexualized and it was genuinely funny! Or the fact she was failing all her classes because she never studies lol
  • Yes Man
    It was weird as hell but the characters felt like they had common sense and the whole show just felt like a satire on actual k dramas