$48,000 NYC apartment #shorts #nyc

Published 2022-09-21

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  • tennaj
    She instantly won when she said.. "I actually don't". 🤣
  • Big_boi Nothig
    She’s living with better than people who is actually paying💀
  • L.A.
    I love these videos, because they're all like "hey, I'm a total stranger, why don't we go over to your place right away?"👽
  • Wow she builds, is extremely cute, likes Pokemon and seems to have a good personality how tf is she single
  • Steve
    "I actually dont. I actually live in a $80k conversion van"
  • Chroma Playz
    As an asian, I was genuinely concerned when she stepped on her bed with her shoes on
  • FBI
    Stranger: “Can I tour your house?”

    This woman: “yea sure!”
  • Scrap Doe
    Random dude walks up to you and asks to see your home and your like “sure… cause I wasn’t going anywhere…. Had nothing to do but entertain random people with my grim living situation….”… right
  • "Can i have a tour of that van"? This is literally a better plot than most adult movies
  • Surya Bachu
    I thought in the second part, there'll be my favourite scenes 😂😂😂
  • Stoic
    And then while leaving he looked into her eyes, a cold stare, and said, "I know where you live now" 💀
  • cheesegyoza
    This is definitely the person you’d want to have by your side if there was a zombie apocalypse.
  • Austine
    Can we talk about how this girl let a stranger video everything about her
  • sam
    Postman holding mail: where dafuq is she now?
  • "i ask to go to a strangers home and she said ok on the first try" lol
  • Wolf CWS
    I like how they casually step on their bed with the shoes they literally just walked outside.

    They would take a bath with their shoes on.. I guess?
  • 100% chance she was that girl in school who had a perfectly organized binder for every subject and took colorful notes with perfect handwriting.