16x9 | Ghost Town: Canadian community abandoned 30 years ago

Published 2012-04-30
16:9 takes you to a real-life ghost town - Kitsault, BC. Find out why this entire Canadian community was abandoned more than 30 years ago. Carolyn Jarvis reports.

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  • GreenFuel00
    Imagine owning an entire abandoned city and having it all to yourself and friends. That would be so awesome..
  • creepingnet
    I'd like to see it made into it's own retro-community/escape - put all the 70's/80's stuff to good use!
  • Andrew Bui
    And here we are in 2016. I'm glad that guy decided to use his fortune to bring a town back to life. Im one of those people who believe that all old things should be preserved or in this case, brought back to life. It makes me want to move to Kitsault now :)
  • generalcoon47
    Seems like an amazing little town. I'd consider living there myself if it ever does get reestablished. I hope it does. No crime, no thugs, no gangs, no stupid riots, no smog, just nature, happy people, fresh air, and a great community.
  • Barbara Senteney
    Kudos, I am a writer, the place is beautiful, although I am not a fan of the cold, I can see the amazing beauty. I am an avid crafter, love all forms of art. He is doing a wonderful thing, I wish more people would invest in our planet, and relish its landscape. Thank you, enjoyed this verymuch.
  • General Wack
    Good for him. What a score when it comes to land, I agree in making this a tourist destination or a get away community.
  • Andreananook
    He changed his mind In January of this year, however, Suthanthiran formed Kitsault Energy and began pitching the empty town as an ideal location to build a liquid natural gas plant and pipeline terminal to ship B.C.'s vast natural gas resources to markets in Asia. His original idea for the town sounded great but his new idea on what to turn the town into sounds gross and unapealing.
  • Hon
    i can't imagine a community of only artists and scientists both really amazing type of people.
  • Eduard van Kleef
    In a way, I quite admire someone doing such a constructive job. I'm just amazed that it didn't rot down further than it did. Just look at what happened to Chernobyl in a similar time frame...
  • skyfire62
    It is almost 2014 I would like to see this town and the progress made!
  • Ed Parks
    I lived in Kitsault when it was closed down. It is a beautiful place.
  • Marla Shanas
    Would LOVE to live there! Its beautiful, besides gets away from this country since Bama took over its (this country) has gone to hell!  Canada is a great country and is ran like it should be
  • Trance88
    Wow. For a ghost town ababndoned 30 years ago, it's in pretty good shape! Being out in the middle of nowhere and no vandalism probably helped preserve it.
  • nmancs
    This is a beautiful idea! My husband and I live in Winnipeg, and are looking to relocate once I complete school(I'm in 3rd year nursing). My husband wants to continue his career in medicine, and I am looking forward to my career as a nurse, but living in a small town, surrounded by nature, being part of it, is what we desire most. TO MR. Krishnan Suthanthiran: We applaud your continued efforts, and wish to see the result, perhaps becoming a part of this towns future.

    -Nicole M.
  • Richard Grzela
    As a creative person I see lots of inspiration to draw from the area. Retro , nature and so much more.
    I suppose If there was a career to explore It would be worth a visit if not an outright move.
  • LordHEF
    This was definitely worth my time, it amazes me to see how much of a time capsule this town has turned out to be.
  • TrephineArtist
    I'd love to visit this place, the scenery looks stunning. The town would be a good movie setting (especially any story set in the 70s/80s).
  • g bridgman
    Unlike Detroit, obviously Kitsault isn't plagued with crime, vandalism, looting and graffiti. Thank goodness for that. I wish the community well on its rebirth. 
  • JapanForSale
    I randomly stumbled upon this video, and I gotta say I'm pleasantly surprised. You guys are a little like a more serious vsauce, bringing us interesting side tidbits in a friendly and useful manner. And if you guys are a Canadian outfit, then I'd have to say you along with this particular video are doing a great service to Canada's image.